Hot Takes From the Farm: Week Six

Other than following the adjustment made by promoted players, the past week was on the whole one relatively lacking in newsworthy highlights. But we’re almost three weeks into May which means the monthly end points can serve as a starting point for looking for trends in performance.
Look no further than Lourdes Gurriel, Jr. He literally peaked (so far of course) on the last day of April and hasn’t had a multi-hit game even once in May. His OPS was a ridiculous 1.178 in 12 April games, it’s been .506 in 15 May games. Has anyone told these guys the calendar end-point is completely arbitrary? And then there’s Anthony Alford. He almost perfectly nailed the calendar split. His BA bottomed out at .131 on April 27. He went 1 for 4 on the next day, his last game in April, and has so far hit .250 for the month of May. His May OPS is .762, up from an embarrassing .499 in April. Reportedly he’s put a good bit of work into fixing flaws that crept into his swing but he’s not up to Top Prospect production levels yet so it’s a work in progress still. But at least that 12 game 1/37 slump is …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

Tactical Issues: How will the Raptors and Magic adjust in Game 2?

Did the Magic steal the game by making the right adjustment, or was it a by-product of the Raptors’ moves? Let’s take a look at some of the strategies that the Magic and the Raptors executed in game 1. Death, taxes, and Toronto Raptors losing Game 1s. The Raptors are moving along according to their schedule, and while the fanbase might be panicking, there’s a lot of reason not to — even if Kyle Lowry doesn’t score a single point for this entire series. (Also, fun side note: the Raptors only Game 1 win in the “We The North” era was the Bebe Game.)
It’s easy to dismiss the Orlando Magic as just a bunch of long athletic players. Sure, they struggle to score at times, but coach Steve Clifford made a few high-risk strategic moves that got them past the Raptors in that first game.
The Raptors will not (and should not) have as bad a shooting night as they had in Game 1, but they have a few things to fix, mainly on the defensive end. There are also some minor things that they need to fix on the offensive end. Is getting Lowry a bucket one of …

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Author: JD Quirante / Raptors HQ