How can the Leafs fix their power play?

Alright, so that was an interesting game. For me personally, I’d say it was pretty boring, which it always seems to be against the Calgary Flames. David Rittich made his first start for Toronto facing off against his former team and it wasn’t bad.
Nick Robertson and Scott Sabourin also got into an NHL game again which was nice to see. But, really, the only thing that wasn’t nice to see was the Leafs power play because it stinks right now.
Here are my thoughts on both the game, and the power play:

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

Bold Take: Zach Hyman’s next contract isn’t going to be $7M a year

How’s it going folks? Feeling alright? I just wanted to pop by and remind you that just because someone throws out a ridiculous number for Zach Hyman’s next contract doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to be paid that number. I get that some of you were hurt by the Nylander contract, and some of us were certainly hurt by the Marner contract, and a lucky few are mad about every contract paid to the Leafs big four forwards, but the Hyman situation is likely going to be different, and we may have the pandemic and the resulting flat cap to thank for that.

JD Bunkis is suggesting $7M per for Zach Hyman. What in the fuck?!
— Jesse Turner (@Jessturr) March 10, 2021

So there’s the tweet that seems to be getting legs. I think it’s largely based off the fact that there is a large portion of the Leafs fan population that believes that Hyman’s contributions are equal to or greater than William Nylander’s. While I’ve got plenty of time for hearing about the merits of Hyman, I think we can begin with pumping the breaks on the idea that they are …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

A game the Maple Leafs should look back on – Rate that Leafs game

Alright, the Toronto Maple Leafs had a bad game, but it has to get better from here, right?
Giving up four goals in two-straight games is no excuse and it’s also one you don’t blame on solely a single player. There was a lot of people who went for Frederik Andersen’s head, but that’s not fair.
The Maple Leafs are an entire team — you win as a team, lose as a team. It might sound cliché, but it’s true. The defence in front of Andersen has to be better and until it is, he’s not going to be able to give the Leafs a chance to win. Sure, I get it — he has to make saves, but it’s the players’ jobs to help him make those saves instead of leaving him out to dry.
In this video, I talk about what they can do now because that’s the most important thing at this moment. They have a chance to show how good they are tonight and I believe they’ll do just that.

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

Maple Leafs Post-Game #26: 5 Takeaways vs. the Red Wings

This Sheldon Keefe guy is alright, eh?

Sheldon Keefe on starting 3-0-0: “It’s better than the alternative.”
— Jonas Siegel (@jonassiegel) November 28, 2019

I’ve never seen so many gifs on twitter of smiling players, either. The Maple Leafs came flying out of the gate and potted 3 goals in the first 10  minutes on Jimmy Howard, who started the game after Jonathan Bernier became ill in warmup. Unfortunately for Detroit, Howard seemed to have some discomfort on the play where Tavares scored, and the emergency backup alarm was raised:

Tyson Barrie, on what the Leafs were thinking when Jimmy Howard went down with injury: “We heard (Jonathan Bernier) had the flu or something and we thought we might be seeing a (Scott) Foster or one of those guys come in. We were getting a little excited.”
— Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) November 28, 2019

Much to the displeasure of chaos enthusiasts, Bernier knocked back a Pepto Bismol and went to work. Whether or not Bernier was experiencing Luongo-like symptoms, he had a great performance, stopping 37 of 40 shots in relief. Detroit only managed to hit Frederik Andersen 25 times, securing the shutout in full, unadulterated “f*ck you” Freddy mode.

Frederik Andersen. Sprawling but still makes the …

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Author: Earl Schwartz / The Leafs Nation

5 thoughts on the Leafs sixth straight loss

Alright, it was a 10:00 start time. I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all mad at another loss. So let’s get this over with.
Pierre Engvall’s NHL Debut
After 16 points in 15 games with the Marlies, his excellent play (and a couple of injuries) have given Engvall the opportunity to finally make the NHL. So, how did he do?
Uh well, not good. He saw the shot attempts go 2-18 with him on the ice, and a 14.12% xGF% on the ice. But let’s be real, you can’t really blame him for this. Not only did his linemate the Goat have a bad game, but he’s also coming onto this team amidst the biggest gongshow since the Peter Horachek days. Let’s just forget this one ever happened.
Leafs Allow the First Goal… Again
For the eighth straight game (and the 18th time this season), the Leafs have allowed the first goal of the game. They are 7-9-2 this season when allowing the first goal, so it’s almost like they should actually go out there and try to score the first goal of the game instead of starting the game playing like you’re …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

Kevin Gravel could become a vital piece of the Leafs’ blue line

If you answered “who?” reading the headline, it’s alright. Being on the Edmonton Oilers does that to players that move on from them.
Kevin Gravel was one of the seven free agents that the Toronto Maple Leafs signed on the same day in the middle of summer. In the middle of a majority of fans most likely not paying attention about hockey whatsoever, the Leafs decided to sign all the depth they could handle in one fell swoop.
Gravel was the only defenceman of that group — a position that Toronto tried to fix this offseason.
The major transaction was acquiring Tyson Barrie from the Colorado Avalanche, while one of their key forwards in Nazem Kadri was headed the other way. A move that could potentially work out, or could wind up being a mistake if the Leafs are ever without Auston Matthews or John Tavares at any point this season and are wondering why their offence has suddenly dried up.
This summer focus of solidifying a group of six defencemen that could take them beyond the first round has potential, but it’s also taking a major risk changing up the personnel so drastically. Two defencemen that will most …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation