Maybe it always has to be this way for the Raptors in the playoffs

After a perplexing Game 1 loss that saw D.J. Augustin outplay Kyle Lowry, we have to ask: is this how it’s always going to be in Toronto? Maybe it always has to be like this for the Raptors. Despite the personnel changes and the hype, maybe Toronto just has to be here in this feeling of panic every April. Is there any other way to explain this latest Game 1 loss, a 104-101 last second defeat on Saturday to the Orlando Magic? Is there anything we can do to get out of this? Please, I’m asking, the Raptors HQ Twitter account mentions are still a complete mess. And it’s now Monday.

but im sure dj augustin will save them— Raptors HQ (@RaptorsHQ) April 13, 2019

Given the inexperience of the Magic, it would have seemed impossible to bet against a squad boasting the talents of Kawhi Leonard, Marc Gasol, Danny Green, and Kyle Lowry — to say nothing of the ascendent Pascal Siakam. The Raptors were the seasoned, veteran team, a squad that had been through various hells and emerged out the other side. This year it was supposed to be different in Toronto. And yet, the …

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ

Raptors blow Game 1, lose to the Magic 104-101

Thanks to the heroics of the Magic’s D.J. Augustin, the Raptors are right back where they started: down one game in a first round playoff series. Seriously, the Raptors are different this year.
They just didn’t totally show it in Game 1 against the Magic, falling 104-101 — the death punch coming in the form of a DJ Augustin three with 3.4 seconds left. DJ. Augustin. For real.
While the result was sour and painfully familiar in these parts, there were concrete examples and moments over the course of the loss where the altered Raps DNA was on display. All that talk throughout the regular season wasn’t B.S.
One of the main sources of the belief that these Raptors wouldn’t fall into the same post-season traps of past editions has always been Kawhi Leonard. The dude is a monster and a proven playoff stud, and for much of Saturday’s series-opener, he lived up to the billing.
On the opening offensive possession of the game, Leonard probed deftly and rose up for a mid-range J — cash. He followed that up with another, and then a three, and then a trip to the line, and then a lefty …

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Author: Sean Woodley / Raptors HQ