Series Preview: Is there still beef?

Since the Jose Bautista bat-flip moment back in 2015 of the ALDS, these two teams haven’t really gotten along. But now almost four years later, it seems now that we can officially say the beef is completely over. However, it’s not like the fans on either side have forgotten what has happened. Following the 2015 playoffs, the Blue Jays and Rangers had another heated incident during their trip to Texas during the 2016 season. Regardless if there’s only five players on this current Blue Jays roster from that season, the fans still hold a heated rivalry whenever these teams play one another.
Coming into this three-game series, these franchises find themselves in similar situations. Both are currently in their rebuilding phases and are looking towards the future. Not too mention that they both currently have 14 wins as well. But while the Rangers don’t have top-quality prospects like the Blue Jays have, they do still have a bunch of very good players at the major-league level. Which is exactly why this won’t be an easy match-up for the Blue Jays. Even if these aren’t the same division winning teams from a few seasons ago.
Friday at 8:05 ET
Trent …

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Author: Thomas Hall / Blue Jays Nation