BJN Radio – Ep 12: Celebrating Another Sweep & Cam’s Birthday

The boys are back with another episode of Blue Jays Nation Radio!

Today on the pod, the lads jumped right into ‘3 Up, 3 Down’ presented by Twig & Barry’s BUT since it was Big Daddy Cooomzy’s 28th birthday, he made the decision to not do any “downs” and just run with six “ups”. He’s a man of the people.
The gents talked about some strong performances from Ryu, Ray, Biggio, Hernandez, and many others before getting into another impressive Triple-A appearance from Alek Manoah! The bats are rolling and the team is getting nothing but solid outings from pretty much everyone in the bullpen as well. They wrapped up this week’s episode by taking a quick look ahead at the upcoming three-game series against the 1993-World-Series-Runner-Ups, the Philadelphia Phillies.
We hope you enjoyed our ramblings today! You can download the podcast right here in the article or by going to wherever you get your podcasts from!

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Author: Tyler Yaremchuk / Blue Jays Nation

Rachel Doerrie’s Pre-Game: 5 Things to Watch For vs Philly

As they say in the dressing room, the boys are buzzing!
The Maple Leafs enter the final game of their homestead on a three-game win streak, which happened to start against these very Flyers. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope tonight’s game doesn’t require an 11-round shootout where only three goals are scored.
According to DailyFaceOff, here’s how the teams are going to line up:


Frederik Andersen is expected to grab the start.
1) Praying for Fun Hockey
The last time these two teams played, the result was high-scoring and fun. Special teams played a prominent factor and the game was free-flowing. A week later, the Leafs have played two of the most boring hockey games in recent memory.
I’m sure Mike Babcock loves it because it is low event, but the people who pay ~$500 to sit in the Scotiabank Arena seats probably don’t feel the same way. I wouldn’t have faulted fans for dozing off during either of the game against LA or Vegas, because it was genuinely boring hockey.
The Flyers, similar to the *regular* Leafs, don’t seem capable of playing boring hockey. In their last five games, either …

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Author: Rachel Doerrie / The Leafs Nation

Is it time to take the leap?

Animosity towards the Cleveland Boys is at an all-time high right now. Given how turbulent Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins’ relationship with the fanbase has been since their arrival back in late-2015, that’s really saying something.

Despite performances from the organization’s future core in Vlad Jr, Bo Bichette, Cavan Biggio, and Lourdes Gurriel, fans were pushed over the edge by this year’s fire sale at the trade deadline. Firing off Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman, the final major connections to the 2015 and 2016 runs, gave the impression that the Blue Jays are nowhere near even trying to be competitive.
Atkins preached the importance of those trades for helping to add to a massive pile of depth the organization has in the minor leagues. Unsurprisingly, fans didn’t echo Atkins’ glee over the advent of turning 12 years of control into 42 years of control.
On Thursday, Mark Shapiro made an hour-long availability to media in order to do some damage control and remind the fanbase of the front office’s long-term vision. There are plenty of breakdowns to read about what Shapiro said (here, here, here, and here), but the major thing to take away from this talk was around …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

HOSERS Episode 48: Darren Ferris Wheel

The HOSERS boys are here to keep you informed with all the latest news around the hockey world…and then talk about awkward stories and make bad jokes. Episode 48!
The 2019 NHL Draft is done, free agency is coming up next week, and we cover it all. Mitch Marner, and of course dick jokes as well.
Follow your lovely hosts on Twitter:
Thomas Williams: @nosalaryretaind
Chris Killingsworth: @chrstphrkllngs
Carter Loupelle: doesn’t have Twitter for some reason.
Follow the podcast on Twitter: @takeoffhosers

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

Listen to That’s A Rap #33: Post-Game 6 vs. Bucks Reaction

The Raptors are going to the 2019 NBA Finals! Join the boys of That’s A Rap as they celebrate the amazing turn of events in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Bucks. For the first time ever, the Toronto Raptors have reached the NBA Finals. That’s A Rap is with you fans on this one. This is an exciting time, and it was created from a real nail-biter of a game. On the latest episode, we discuss the Game 6 comeback to secure the series win against the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as the importance of this moment as a Toronto sports fan.
Jay Rosales joins us mid-pod all the way from Ohio to join Jay (Leung) and Dre in celebrating the big win, as well as letting us know how the Cavaliers are spending their vacation. Have a listen!

On the Latest Episode:
The Raptors started off with a slow start, conserving energy against a Bucks team that fought every second as if it was its last. Down 15 in the third quarter, things were looking like old Toronto: Game 7 loomed in a daunting series. Instead, we were quickly reminded of the new Toronto. The squad put the …

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Author: AndreasBabs / Raptors HQ

Listen to That’s A Rap #28: Post-Game 2 vs. Bucks Reaction

Game 2 was not fun to watch for Toronto. Luckily, the boys are here to discuss what went right and how the Raptors can still turn this series around. If there’s anything to gain from the Raptors during these playoffs, it’s how they’ve responded when their backs are against the wall. Down 0-1 at home vs. Orlando, and down 1-2 on the road vs. Philly, Toronto revived their season with impressive victories. That resiliency will be put to the test on Sunday, when the NBA’s best team visits Scotiabank Arena.
Before jumping ahead, we had to discuss the debacle that was Game 2.

On The Latest Episode:
When one team dominates another, it’s tough to find encouraging numbers for the losing squad. However, the 39-point third quarter was more than encouraging, especially as the highest scoring quarter allowed by the Bucks during the playoffs. Norm Powell was a welcome sight off the bench, for a change. Serge Ibaka, while still struggling, can be a glimmer of hope with his usage increasing over Marc Gasol’s. Ibaka’s best numbers this season, and throughout his career, have come against Milwaukee.
Powell may have played himself into a starting …

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Author: JayRosales / Raptors HQ

Listen to That’s A Rap #23: Post-Game 5 vs. Sixers Reaction

Toronto are one win away from the Conference Finals and the boys couldn’t contain their excitement on the latest episode of That’s A Rap. The Raptors took a stranglehold on the series and head to Philadelphia, in hopes of closing things out — and avoiding a Game 7 on Mother’s Day. Listen to the latest episode of That’s A Rap, as we somehow compact our glee into 20 minutes.

On The Latest Episode:
Now, this is the Raptors we’ve come to know and love. All five starters were in double figures. The team finally caught fire from beyond the arc. The defense — oh my, the defense — continued to be excellent (no. 1 Defensive Rating during the playoffs).
Kyle Lowry set the tone again, showing aggression on both ends of the floor. The Green Ranger returned to form, hitting five triples. The defense was clicking, forcing live-ball turnovers and converting into quick transition points.
All of the “negatives” from the game — sloppy first quarter turnovers, waiting too long to call timeouts, early foul trouble — were all cleaned up by the end of the first half.
It took a couple of games, but Toronto has rediscovered the edge they masterfully displayed …

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Author: JayRosales / Raptors HQ

Listen to That’s A Rap #21: Post-Game 3 vs. Sixers Reaction

After a frustrating Game 3 loss to the Sixers, the boys try to assure us that Everything Is Fine with the Raptors. Last I checked, the Raptors only needed one win in Philadelphia to regain home-court advantage. When Kyle Lowry states that Kawhi Leonard needs more help, doesn’t he have a history of bringing his A-game? Hasn’t a season-long worth of games with constant rotational changes – and continued success – afforded this team some leeway that they’ll “figure it out”?
The answers to these questions will have to wait until Sunday, but for now, listen to our latest episode as we dissect Game 3.

On The Latest Episode:
Raptors were treading water with Kawhi on the court… and absolutely sinking when he wasn’t. At least Danny Green started hitting from deep.
In an ironic twist of fate, it’s Kawhi who is managing the Raptors’ load. Passing and assist rates have increased since the trade deadline, but the Raptors fell victim to over-passing and lots of apprehension. If a fire wasn’t lit after Game 2, it certainly is now.
Some missed (groin-related?) calls by the referees created a negative trickle effect. Foul trouble led to slower defensive …

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Author: JayRosales / Raptors HQ