Franchise Hockey Manager 7 predicts the rest of John Tavares’ career

I’m not sure if you are aware, but a brand new NHL season is right around the corner and that means the Leafs will be returning to the ice soon.
Isn’t that exciting? No? Moving on.
The ever longing dread of getting hopes up for a franchise that is currently associated with a four-digit number and an embarrassing ending to their previous campaign is starting to creep up again. The blindly optimistic are eager to emerge from their caves and shout to the mountain tops that “This is the year.” Others are looking ahead to when the playoffs start and will only judge on how the postseason fares. All of this is in anticipation of a home opener that will host fans for the first time since 2019, which just so happened to be the day John Tavares was revealed as the team captain.
Speaking of Tavares (who seems to be recovering nicely from his scary concussion), he is a player that I have yet to do a career simulation on and today seems like the perfect opportunity to do just that. And as you can tell by the title of this piece, we are changing up how we …

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Author: Michael Mazzei / The Leafs Nation

With the asking price of a 1st round pick, is Taylor Hall a good idea or bad idea for the Leafs?

Ah name brand trade bait. There’s no ignoring it. Will better players than Taylor Hall be traded at the deadline? Will those players help their teams more than Taylor Hall? There’s a good chance that the answer to both of those questions are yes, but that doesn’t change that Taylor Hall is a former Hart Trophy winner, former 1st overall pick, and that adds a lot more interest to his availability. The fact that there’s now an official price attached to him doesn’t hurt either…

Hearing that the initial asking price for Taylor Hall involves a first-round pick… Probably going to be tough to get that in this buyer’s market but it’s the right place to start two weeks out if you’re Buffalo. @TheAthletic @TSNHockey
— Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) March 26, 2021

So the general consensus is that the Sabres are reaching here. I’m not sure that was the belief even 24 hours ago that Hall for a 1st was too much, but through their own actions of trading Staal for a 3rd and 5th round selection, the market was more or less set. If Eric Staal’s 3 goals, 10 points in 32 games couldn’t net a 2nd round …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Raptors aim to take control in Game 5 vs. 76ers: Preview, start time, and more

It’s a brand new series with the Raptors heading home looking to jump out to a 3-2 lead over the Philadelphia 76ers. The inherent dread of being a Raptors fan led me to a very anxious place when thinking about writing this preview for Game 5. With Toronto potentially staring a 3-1 deficit in the face heading into Game 4, I was graciously coached by the wonderful folks in my #RTZ group chat to pivot to a new, novel way of thinking while watching the scrappy, back and forth game: positivity. After allowing this modern style of thought to seep into my consciousness as the Raptors clanged three-pointer after three-pointer, my sense of impending doom began to alleviate and I started to believe.
And why shouldn’t we believe in this Raptors team? Regular season record aside, since the arrival of Marc Gasol, this Raptors squad has been one of the best teams in the league. They also employ some guy named Kawhi Leonard, who, in case you hadn’t heard is “really good at basketball.”
Yes, this series has shone a glaringly bright light on some very ugly truths, but in the spirit of positivity, I encourage you all to …

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Author: Mitch Orsatti / Raptors HQ