What to expect from Nic Petan this summer

It has now been over a calendar year since Nic Petan was acquired by the Leafs in a trade that saw them move Par Lindholm to the Jets, and the former has yet to fully realize his potential. He is nearly halfway through a two-year deal and has played in 21 NHL games with the Blue and White in that span.
So is Petan this quality AHL scorer who makes infrequent appearances in the NHL, or is he a player that could provide secondary scoring in the big leagues? Given that he was a late addition to the Leafs Phase 3 roster, it would appear that even the team doesn’t yet know what to make of Petan’s place in the organization.
By The Numbers
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Petan split this past season between the Leafs and Marlies, with two different outcomes coming from both teams.
On the big club, he registered just three assists in 16 games as he was limited to primarily fourth line duties and was a frequent healthy scratch. By the time Sheldon Keefe was promoted to head coach, his appearances were more sporadic before being sent to the Marlies for good by December.
Speaking …

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Author: Michael Mazzei / The Leafs Nation

Last chance to sign for a couple of Leafs prospects

June 1st is a significant date on the hockey calendar for prospects and General Managers. It’s the date that junior hockey players selected in the 2018 draft need to be signed by. Exciting, I know, but still a somewhat relevant date on the calendar when we’ve basically been sitting around rehashing classic games and debating what the return of the 2019-20 season will look like.
For the Leafs part of this equation, Toronto has two players who are unsigned, and would therefore be eligible to re-enter the draft in 2020. Riley Stotts, and Zachary Bouthillier.
The cases for and against them were made previously in this hockey hiatus…
Riley Stotts: 
Stotts has had a steady upward trajectory in his production, but lacks the ridiculous numbers you’d expect in post draft seasons. This may speak to him not having the talent to dominate offensively against much younger competition, but it also speaks to the state of the Hitmen organization over Stotts’ time there. I don’t think anyone is making the case for Stotts as a top six player at either the AHL or the NHL level, but the lack of dominance might …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Predicting the Toronto Raptors All-Star weekend participants

The All-Star weekend is one of the most anticipated dates on the NBA calendar. Are there any members of the Toronto Raptors roster who could feature at the event? This season, the All-Star weekend will be hosted in Chicago, Illinois. Home of the Chicago Bulls, the Windy City will surely provide an excellent backdrop for […]
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Author: Thomas Valentine / Raptors HQ

Hot Takes From the Farm: Week One

Well, the first full calendar week but you know what I mean, right? Technically the MiLB season is 11 days old but anyway, moving along.
Last time the lead story was a lot of very nice pitching performances in the Opening Weekend, but it turns out most of those were not followed up the second time through the order. Let’s take it team by team, starting with Lansing this time, and see what’s in need of some spotlight.
The biggest story here is still the three-headed offensive monster leading the Lugnuts. Infielder Otto Lopez is hitting .333 with a .911 OBP and two teammates are doing better than he is. Rising star catcher Alejadro Kirk is at 1.147 and last year’s first rounder Jordan Groshans sits at 1.029, and what’s more two out of the three have more walks than strikeouts so far. Of course it’s early but if you’re watching the Nuts you make sure not to be off to the restroom when these guys are up. Also worthy of a hat-tip are unheralded relievers Jackson Rees and Connor Law. In 7 IP, and 6 respectively, each has a single walk and double figure K’s.
You can’ …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation