Cavan Biggio and Hitting High Velocity

Cavan Biggio has had an impressive start to his Major League career.

Over 159 games he has a 118 wRC+, 24 home runs, a 16.1% walk rate, a triple slash of .240/.368/.430 and has even stolen 20 bases without being caught. Putting it all together he’s been worth 3.8 wins above replacement. Defensively, the Blue Jays have turned him into a super utility type playing him all over the diamond.
However, despite Biggio’s impressive start, he has one major flaw that could potentially hold him back in the long-run. He hasn’t been able to hit fastballs. That has led to some thought that pitchers will start challenging him with fastballs, plummeting his walk rate and take away from his offensive strength. We saw Tampa Bay take advantage of this in the post-season.
Biggio saw 30 pitches over two playoff games, 23 of which were fastballs. Just five of those fastballs were less than 95 miles per hours. Biggio struck out six times in eight plate appearances, five of which came on fastballs. This obviously a small sample against a really strong pitching staff, but it highlighted a deeper issue for Biggio and why some think he may not last long in the big leagues.
Let’s get …

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Author: Paul Berthelot / Blue Jays Nation

Cavan Biggio is proving that he’s worth the roster spot

The narrative surrounding Cavan Biggio has always been tricky.

Despite not having the same pedigree as a prospect as Vladimir Guererro Jr. and Bo Bichette, Biggio frequently gets lumped into the same category as the Blue Jays’ cornerstone duo. They’re viewed as a Big Three, largely because they came up at the same time and they’re all the sons of former Major League stars.
The reality is, Biggio isn’t in that same class as Bo and Vlad. And that isn’t a knock against Biggio. That’s more a testament to how good the other two are. Biggio came into 2019 as Toronto’s No. 9 rated prospect thanks to a breakout season in Double-A fuelled by an overhaul to his swing. Before that, he was looked at as an org guy who was only really even noticed because of his last name.
So, on one hand, you have the Blue Jays side of things, in which fans are hyping up Biggio as part of this Big Three who are going to change the fortunes of the organization. On the other hand, you have the outside perspective, in which analysts don’t see Major League upside worth writing home …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation