A change of scenery is just what was needed for Rowdy Tellez

In Toronto, the ceiling was only so high for Rowdy Tellez before he was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers.

And on Friday night, the Blue Jays will get to see their old friend for the first time since the July 2021 trade.
Drafted in the 30th round of the 2013 draft, Tellez broke onto the scene with the big club in 2018. He jumped into 23 games and in 70 at-bats by the end of the year, he slashed an impressive .314/.326/.614 hitting four home runs and 14 RBI.
Come 2019, things cooled for Rowdy. His slash line fell to .227/.293/.449 over a much larger sample size of 111 games and 370 at-bats, and his walk-to-strikeout rate rose to 29-116.
But in a COVID-shortened 2020 season, it seemed like he figured things out at the plate. He cut down on swings outside the zone slashing .283/.346/.540, hitting eight homers, and had a strong 11-to-20 walk-to-strikeout rate. But as 2021 rolled around, Rowdy started to cool off. His numbers dipped significantly. He posted a .283/.346/.540 line, clubbed eight dingers, and had a solid 11-to-20 walk-to-strikeout rate.
The biggest issue? The first baseman had a man named Vladimir Guererro Jr. breathing down his neck. On July 6, 2021, the Jays moved Tellez to the NL’s Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for re …

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Author: Zach Laing / Blue Jays Nation

Pre-2022 Blue Jays Top Prospects Countdown – No. 10: Yhoangel Aponte

The Blue Jays don’t have a lot of high ceiling outfielders. 

Chavez Young is on the cusp of breaking into the majors as his defense is the best in the organization. The Jays are apparently going to sign 16-year-old Emmanuel Bonilla, but he’s incredibly far away. After that, it’s hard to think of another highly rated outfield prospect.
That is until you look at the 2021 Dominican Summer League (DOSL)’s roster and see Yhoangel Aponte.
Like many prospects that played on the DOSL in 2021, little is known about Aponte’s life prior to being signed by the Jays. The now 18-year-old outfielder was signed out of Venezuela for $360,000 in the 2021 International Free Agency. 
Thus far, he only ranks in Baseball America’s Top 30 list, and they make a note that his talent is comparable to other top talent in this class. That begs the question, how did the then 17-year-old do in the 2021 DOSL season?
Aponte’s 2021:
In his age 17 season, the outfielder slashed .240/.393/.749 with no home runs and a wRC+ of 122 in 163 plate appearances. He also stole five of his nine stolen base attempts. He had a rather impressive walk rate of 15.3%, but that came with a high strikeout rate of 27%.
During the minor league season, I made note of standouts from each level every single day. One name that continued to pop up, especially early in the DOSL season, was Aponte. At one point in the season, he had nearly the same amount of walks (12) as strikeouts (15). After that point, he walked only 10 times compared to 29 strike outs.

He’s played 61 innings at center and 9 innings in right.
— Brennan Delaney (@Brennan_L_D) August 3, …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation