Discourse: Independent Media in the NHL Bubble

It’s not often we have a true difference of opinion within the writers group of our humble little blog, but the level of access of independent media within the NHL Hub Cities seem to be one of those issues that we have drastically different opinions on. With that in mind, we thought we should make sure we respectfully allow all points of view to be heard, since you know, we’re supposedly adults.
The background for those of you who haven’t been watching the online debate closely is that the NHL is allowing Team hired content providers and NHL.com writers to reside within the bubble with the players, giving them a decided advantage when it comes to producing stories, and arguably sanitizing the experience as it suits the interests of the league.
Independent media, in contrast, are required to set up shop at hotels without the players in them, and they will not have the same advantage as their league employed peers. Additionally those coming from the United States will have to quarantine for 14 days before being able to participate in the areas they will have access to.
Understandably given that background there is …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Toronto Raptors: Stock Take, plus Kyle Lowry is the best in the East

The Toronto Raptors split the difference in four games this week, but whose stock rose and who fell during the action? What goes up…must come down. The Toronto Raptors lived by that familiar saying this week, splitting their four games in half with two wins and two losses. The two wins came at the start […]
Toronto Raptors: Stock Take, plus Kyle Lowry is the best in the East – Raptors Rapture – Raptors Rapture – A Toronto Raptors Fan Site – News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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Author: Thomas Valentine / Raptors HQ

Rachel Doerrie’s 5 Thoughts From the Hall of Fame Game

Another day, another loss to the Bruins. The difference? You could make a legitimate argument that the Leafs were the best team on the night.
The Maple Leafs dominated for long stretches against the Bruins and were undone by mental lapses. There are a ton of positives in the Leafs play, but that’s just not good enough when you aren’t getting points. Here are my five thoughts from the night:
1) Matthews Line Dominates
The Matthews line finished nearly 60% CF, a positive xGF, and a positive high danger chance differential. From the drop of the puck, the trio of Matthews, Nylander and Johnsson were all over the ice. They created offensive zone time by recovering pucks and forcing the Bruins to chase them around the zone. Nylander was impactful on the forecheck, Johnsson won puck races Matthews was dominant.
One of the key differences in Matthews and Nylander’s dominant vs. invisible games is how much time they spend in the middle of the ice. From the outset, both Matthews and Nylander found themselves in the thick of things. Both players were consistently at the net front, getting the puck to the middle and creating chances in the danger …

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Author: Rachel Doerrie / The Leafs Nation