Separating emotion from reality in another lost season for the Leafs

Well, here we are again. Lamenting another disappointing finish to a Leafs season in which they failed to live up to the lofty expectations bestowed upon them.

The repeated failures are enough to wear on anybody that cares about this franchise, whether it be the die hard fan base or the people within the organization. Hockey is an emotional game for all parties involved and it’s only natural to have emotional reactions to what happens on the ice in any given moment.
All the reasons we love this sport and love this team are the same reasons it can hurt so much when things don’t go our way, and reacting to those ups and downs is what being a sports fan is all about. But it can’t be that way for the people entrusted with running the organization, namely Kyle Dubas.

If you’ve been scrolling through social media at all since the Leafs season came to an end, you’ve seen fans offer up just about every member of the current roster as some sort of sacrificial lamb in their fantasy trade proposals. An argument can be made for moving almost …

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Author: Nick Richard / The Leafs Nation

Babs will be back next year

After a disappointing outing in the playoffs, many (including myself) we’re maybe calling for his job to be questioned. And with Edmonton’s recent hiring of Ken Holland, there was question that he might try and bring Babcock with him in a “parting of ways” scenario. Well, we finally have our answer.

Mike Babcock will be back as head coach in TOR. Leaf GM Kyle Dubas, when asked about Babcock’s status:
“We’re all in on Mike and Mike is all in on us. We’ve had productive management meetings as an organization and Mike and I have had some really good meetings as well…
— Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) May 6, 2019

And honestly, this is probably a smart move for Dubas. While I do think that Babs is a bit behind the times, and is incredibly stubborn (so much that it probably cost us a couple of playoff series wins against the Bruins), but it probably wouldn’t have been a good move on Dubas’ part to can him after he was the GM for one season.
If that were the case, this is suddenly a really reactionary move, and puts Dubas on the hot seat already if the Leafs …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

Toronto Temperature: The equation for the Raptors always equals KL squared

After a disappointing Game 1, Kawhi turned in an all-time Raptors playoff performance and Lowry bounced back. After Game 2, the temperature is much hotter in Toronto Noting that Kawhi Leonard is a Raptor feels like an appropriate way to start off because he was spectacular in Game 2. Against the Magic, he scored 37 points on 15-of-22 shooting, to go along with four rebounds, four assists, and two steals. He was awesome, playing with a verve that went above all of his other Raptors’ playoff performances.
Still, this isn’t a Leonard appreciation post — at least not entirely. In the Raptors 1-1 week, some things were “Hot,” like Pascal Siakam’s athleticism and Kyle Lowry’s bounce back performance, and some things were “Not,” like Fred VanVleet’s play and Orlando’s Game 1 three-point outbreak.
That’s right, it’s time to take the Toronto Temperature.
Who’s Hot

Kyle Lowry Bounce Back
Lowry’s Game 1 performance has been well documented. He was good around the edges — playing to a +11 — but was both passive and ineffective shooting the ball, finishing the game with zero points on 0-of-7 shooting from the field.
A poor shooting night can happen to any player, of course, but …

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Author: Ben_Scott / Raptors HQ