Kawhi yammed on the Sixers twice, but which one was better?

During the Raptors’ Game 5 dismantling of the Sixers, Kawhi Leonard threw down two soul-crushing dunks. Before tonight’s Game 6, we’re here to figure out which sent the better message to Philly. Kawhi Leonard has spent a fortnight demolishing the Sixers in just about every conceivable way. Most of the time, it’s been done in his typically understated and brilliant way. You know what that entails — the slow motion probing of the mid-range, the hilarious efficiency and that thing where he is really good at defense. In Game 5, though, his punking of the Sixers was completed with a tad more thunder.
The two dunks Leonard crammed on Tuesday — one at the end of the second quarter, another to close the third — were as exhilarating as they were malicious. Never has the impartiality of press box-sitting bloggers been so challenged. On the first of the two, our beloved tyrannical boss man Daniel Reynolds had to hold onto my arm lest he fall out of his chair.
The dunks were, on their own, all the justification the Raptors will ever need for their load management game plan with Leonard. You keep him fresh and bouncy in the regular season so he …

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Author: Sean Woodley / Raptors HQ

Raptors demolish the 76ers in Game 5, 125-89

It was about as thorough a dismantling as we’ve seen all season from the Raptors — and it came without Kawhi Leonard going full superhero. The end result: an easy 125-89 Game 5 win and 3-2 series lead for Toronto. The Raptors have often conspired with their playoff opponents to turn each series into what can charitably be described as a rock fight. Hard-scrabble play, messy execution, a lot of missed shots — Toronto has seen some ugly post-season basketball over the past few years. It’s what made this series with the Philadelphia 76ers so frustrating to watch after Game 1. We knew this iteration of the Raptors could be better.
In Game 5, we got the good version once again, and then some. After a seesaw first quarter, the Raptors began to assert themselves, blowing a close game wide open by outscoring the Sixers by 20 in the second (37-17), and never really looking back. The final score, 125-89 for Toronto, was both indicative of what these Raptors can do — and a huge sigh of relief. They managed to turn a rock fight into a game of rock-paper-scissors, guessing easily and correctly at every turn. “I was certainly not expecting that kind of …

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ