Maple Leafs 2021-2022 Player’s Point Projections

Editor’s note: I’m very excited to have a good friend of the blog Clay Collins making his TLN debut today in a guest post. My fingers are crossed that we can make it more of a regular thing. Clay has been developing a player point projection model, and admittedly I’m a sucker for it as I am a sucker for anything that gives me a range to work with rather than an absolute number. I encourage you all to check out Clay’s work, and give him a follow on twitter. Hopefully this will lead to more of his work appearing on The Leafs Nation.
Maple Leafs 2021-2022 Player’s Point Projections
by Clay Collins

DISCLAMER – This model is NOT using best practices when creating and implementing a model. And this was sort of by design. I wanted to put together a very quick and dirty model this season and see my own personal growth through my models as I progress through my schooling and career as a data scientist.  This season is a baseline for me, and as such has some very major issues. There are plenty of much smarter and more experienced modelers and projections …

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Author: TLN Staff / The Leafs Nation

What to expect from Mitch Marner this summer

Editor’s note: Today we are kicking off our new series taking a look at the current state of the Leafs roster and each player’s season so far. Based on what we’ve seen we’re trying to put together or best guess at how they’ll fare in the play-in against Columbus and if we’re lucky, the playoffs beyond that. We’re kicking off this morning with the always interesting Mitch Marner.
It’s hard to believe that we’re almost a year removed from the Mitch Marner contract debacle. Something that I’m most of us would happily never wish to go through again, and with a few years of having Marner, Matthews, Nylander, and Tavares locked into their deals, we can relax. Except there still might be some lingering buyers remorse on $40M worth of contracts for four players in a salary cap world that won’t see those numbers budge for the next few season. At least they are all good players.
Mitch’s regular season ride was a wild one. His 1.13 point per game pace was nearly identical to his 1.14 point …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Statements, Responses, and More: What Toronto Maple Leafs are doing to support Black Lives Matter

Managing Editor’s Note: The writers on expressed to me earlier today they didn’t feel right about getting back to talking hockey on this site until we addressed what is happening in the world in some capacity on this site. Admittedly, I was wrong to not have something up on the site sooner.
While we know this post is too little for some and for others the site should “stick to sports” we do want to condemn the senseless murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, share our support the Black Lives Matter movement, and the acknowledge importance of demanding change through protest.
Speaking only for myself, I can be better and I hope to show it to you. I also want to acknowledge the fact that I am making these comments as a white male on a post written by another white male and that in my role as managing editor of this site I need to diversify the voices on this site and ensure the environment is one where all writers feel supported.
We all need to make changes where we have the ability …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation