The Leafs are a golden opportunity for Joshua Ho-Sang to revitalize his NHL career

Joshua Ho-Sang has been quite the fascinating case study of a player that never really got a chance to prove himself.
Since being drafted 28th overall in the 2014 NHL Draft, it would be a complete understatement to describe his career to this point as chaotic. From the ordeal of him choosing to wear #66 and oversleeping through the start of training camp, to him requesting a trade after another failed attempt to crack the Islanders’ lineup and then getting reassigned to a different AHL team, it has been a tumultuous seven years of his professional hockey career up to this point. Despite having the talent to be a dynamic offensive player (as evident by his time in the OHL), he had seemingly been blacklisted from a chance at proving his worth at the NHL and was in danger of being unfairly labelled as a bust. It can be understandably frustrating to be facing an uphill battle with no end in sight, which he admitted back in 2018.
Whether it was because his confidence and swagger rubbed many influential people within hockey culture the wrong way or more nefarious reasons that underline a deeper issue of race in the sport, Ho-Sang never really …

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Author: Michael Mazzei / The Leafs Nation

A Fortnight On The Farm: Volume Six

This is a sort of fascinating time for a minor league check in, particularly with the major league squad considering themselves contenders. Five days remain in which there may be a flurry of trades which will potentially shuffle the situation of some of these teams. Those left standing a week from now may find that promotions are about to ensue (we’ve already seen a few) and the organization will be looking to see who needs a fresh challenge down the stretch.

Buffalo via Trenton (for the last time)
More and more Jays fans, quite rightly, are banging the drum for SS Kevin Smith to be promoted and while you have to give props to Santiago Espinal for his work at 3B, if the Jays are looking to add a bat (Ramirez, if I’m dreaming, or Bryant, Escobar, some such) and fail then a guy who can supplement 3B and had 18 homers in his 66 AAA games on the record already is hard to ignore. I’m assuming he won’t be added to the 40 before the trade deadline (if at all) but if he’s not part of a deal, there will be every reason to get him up …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

Toronto Marlies report cards: Goalies

One of the fascinating parts to this season for the Toronto Marlies was their goaltending.
The team had eight goaltenders dress for them this season, which is likely a record for Toronto. In the midst of it all, we saw Joseph Woll take a massive step this season. We even got to see Frederik Andersen play a few games. That was weird.
Since there were so many goalies that played, I’ve narrowed down the grading to the net-minders who have an immediate impact to the Leafs organization heading into next season.
That means Andersen, Kai Edmonds, Angus Redmond and Andrew D’Agostini won’t be featured. But I do want to mention the last player on that list.
The rise of Andrew D’Agostini
D’Agostini, a 28-year-old from Scarborough anchored the Marlies down at the start of their season.
Toronto’s goalie depth was thin after they had injuries, as well as losing Aaron Dell on waivers. The Leafs’ would have to call up Joseph Woll which meant that D’Agostini was the AHL starter.
With most of his time spent in the ECHL and SPHL, the 28-year-old was thrown in and asked to float.
He did more …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

Egor Korshkov, most notably not Alex DeBrincat, has signed with the Leafs

I guess it’s Egor now not Yegor. Fascinating. Despite the title I don’t want to relive the trauma of this selection. We’re going to focus on the player, the signing, and leave the bad decisions in the past. None of that is on Korshkov.

.@SportChek Player Alert: The @MapleLeafs have signed forward Egor Korshkov to a two-year entry level contract.
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— Toronto Maple Leafs (@MapleLeafs) May 1, 2019
His deal is a two year entry level deal starting next season @ $925k/yr and he has a pro tryout with the Marlies for the remainder of their playoff run.
Who is he?
Well, he’s a 22 year old (soon to be 23) 6’4winger with five seasons of KHL experience. His best season had him with 26 points in 52 games and he hasn’t cracked the double digits on goals at any point of his KHL career. He’s been a frequent selection for Russia in International competition, and even had some Olympic consideration. At 187 lbs, he’s a bit of a bean pole, so count of reach and positional play, not outright physicality. Also hope that weight is outdated and that …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation