Willy Styles is the name, fashion is his game: Maple Leafs Gameday Fit Week #1 Power Rankings

One of my favourite things about hockey, and all sports really, is seeing what the athletes wear walking into the arena.
Whichever sport it is — hockey, basketball, football, or baseball — players like to show their personality through what they drape themselves in before games.
Hockey, in particular, is no fun when it comes to fashion. It’s a sport where kids are told at a young age to wear suits to their games and they do that all the way to the NHL level, if they make it there.
It’s boring. Unentertaining. Monotonous. Dull. I could go on.
There are some NHL teams that have loosened their dress code a little bit, but for the most part each team still wants their players to enter the arena looking ready for business.
While it’s understandable, I still hate it. I love fun, and dressing different is fun.
Toronto has settled for business casual, which means still wearing a suit. However, they are allowing the players to spice things up a little bit. And as you may know, there are plenty of guys on the Maple Leafs who want to show off their gameday drip.
So, I thought I’d write about it. Maybe it’ll be a weekly series, maybe it won’t. It all depends on if the Maple Leafs cont …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

2022 TLN Prospect Rankings: #11 Ryan Tverberg

“Your favourite Toronto Maple Leafs prospect you don’t know about yet.”
That’s the tagline I led with each time I wrote about Ryan Tverberg in the 2021-22 season for our TLN Prospect Roundups, which occurred often given the success he had last year. Over the course of the 2021-22 season, Tverberg went from an intriguing late-round swing to a legit prospect in the system with his breakout campaign at the University of Connecticut.
One of the biggest risers year over year, Ryan Tverberg goes from not even landing as an honourable mention on the TLN Top 20 rankings in 2021 to knocking on the door of the top 10 this time around.
Ryan Tverberg
RW | UConn (H-East) | Age: 20 | 6-foot-0 | 190 lbs | Shoots: RAcquired: 2020 Draft, 213th Overall | 2021 Ranking: N/A
Way back on Day 2 of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, it appeared the Leafs were done following their 11th selection of the draft. It was a busy day for Toronto, moving up and down the draft board, but with 11 picks already made and no selections remaining for the team, it was more than fair to assume they were done at this point.
But Reid Mitchell, Director of Hockey and Scouting Operations for the Maple Leafs, had other plans. He was pushing hard for a player out o …

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Author: Kyle Cushman / The Leafs Nation