Bold Take: Zach Hyman’s next contract isn’t going to be $7M a year

How’s it going folks? Feeling alright? I just wanted to pop by and remind you that just because someone throws out a ridiculous number for Zach Hyman’s next contract doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to be paid that number. I get that some of you were hurt by the Nylander contract, and some of us were certainly hurt by the Marner contract, and a lucky few are mad about every contract paid to the Leafs big four forwards, but the Hyman situation is likely going to be different, and we may have the pandemic and the resulting flat cap to thank for that.

JD Bunkis is suggesting $7M per for Zach Hyman. What in the fuck?!
— Jesse Turner (@Jessturr) March 10, 2021

So there’s the tweet that seems to be getting legs. I think it’s largely based off the fact that there is a large portion of the Leafs fan population that believes that Hyman’s contributions are equal to or greater than William Nylander’s. While I’ve got plenty of time for hearing about the merits of Hyman, I think we can begin with pumping the breaks on the idea that they are …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Page 6ix Wednesday, January 20th: Inaugural Week

We’re a week into the hockey season, folks, and what a week it has been! It’s been exciting, it’s been nerve-wracking, it’s been strange, but it’s been hockey! There’s lots to look at this week, especially with our Leafs boys and their families. Let’s dive in.
Leafs Lads (and Ladies)
New dad Zach Hyman is having himself a season, with 10 SOG in the most recent Leafs game alone. That new dad strength is really pushing him, eh? Check out these adorable Hymen men:

I’m fine. This is fine. Zach Hyman is a dad and I’m fine.
Narrator: she was not fine.
— robo fem mer (@MerOutLoud) January 14, 2021

Zach is enjoying being a dad, and definitely credits his new arrival with some of his on-ice success:

New dad Hyman: “It’s hard to describe. It’s the best feeling in the world. I feel re-energized playing for not just myself, my family, but I have a little one now, so it’s awesome. It’s always the best going home and seeing him after a game.” #Leafs
— Terry Koshan (@koshtorontosun) January 19, 2021

Meanwhile, captain John Tavares is also dominating …

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Author: Mer / The Leafs Nation

The Matt Murray to the Leafs rumours aren’t going anywhere

Folks, sooner or later the Leafs will be Soo Greyhounds alumni team and Auston Matthews. It appears to be inevitable, and after adding one former Greyhound in goal last season by bringing in Jack Campbell, it is entirely possible that Dubas and Keefe are primed to bring in another, and in this instance I’m not talking about Robin Lehner.
From Pierre LeBrun:
My guess is the Leafs wouldn’t want to trade for a goalie without knowing if they could move Andersen. I did have an executive from a rival NHL team tell me this week that Dubas does have interest in Murray. So perhaps there’s a deal to be made there after all but later on.

Frank Seravalli: “The Pittsburgh Penguins are believed to have one standing offer on the table for Matt Murray. The Maple Leafs, Oilers, Flames, Senators, Sabres and Avalanche are among the potential suitors for Murray’s services – a list that may soon grow.” #LetsGoPens
— NHL News (@puck_report2) September 3, 2020

So there the Leafs are at the top of the list for Matt Murray. Cool. Of course there’s also this…

Friedman said …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Nate Pearson’s debut was incredible (until the 10th inning, unfortunately)

Nate Pearson has arrived, folks. And boy oh boy, he certainly lived up to the hype. The Blue Jays ended up taking another frustrating loss, but we’ll look back on this one as the first of many, many great starts by Pearson.

Things worth mentioning…

Today was all about Nate Pearson making his big-league debut. The Blue Jays’ top prospect went up against Max Scherzer, one of the best arms in baseball, so this had all of the makings of a student vs teacher pitcher’s duel. And that’s exactly what it was. Pearson went five strong innings, allowing just two hits and two walks while picking up five strikeouts.
Pearson’s best moment came in the fourth inning. Eric Thames led off the inning with a double and then Pearson got Kurt Suzuki to ground out, putting Thames on third with one away. After that, Pearson got Starlin Castro to line out to Cavan Biggio for the second out of the inning, and then he worked his way out of the jam by striking out Carter Keiboom with an unhittable 99 mile-per-hour fastball at the knees. That was ace-level stuff from Pearson.

99 …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

Newly-signed Leaf Mikko Lehtonen named KHL Top Defenceman

All aboard the Mikko Lehtonen hype train, folks. The Leafs’ newest KHL addition has been named the league’s top defenceman for the 2019-20 season.

#KHL has named Mikko Lehtonen as the league’s top defenseman in 2019-20. Big congrats, Bobi! #Jokerit
— Jokerit Helsinki (@Jokerit_EN) May 18, 2020

Lehtonen scored 49 points in 60 games this season, which led Jokerit Helsinki in team scoring and was good forth sixth overall in league scoring and tops among defencemen. He finished eight points clear of the next highest scoring defenceman, Slava Voynov, so Lehtonen winning this award isn’t really much of a surprise.
Signed to a one-year, entry-level deal a few weeks ago, Lehtonen could be a nice bargain addition to the Leafs next season. If he’s anywhere near as effective as Ilya Mikheyev, Toronto’s KHL addition from last off-season, that would be a nice boost to the team’s blueline.

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

Willie Nylander: The Comeback Kid

Folks, I don’t need to tell any of you how great William Nylander is. You’re smart. You’ve been watching the games. You’ve looked at the stats. You’ve seen that Nylander is well on pace to exceed 30 goals this season, you’ve seen that he’s regularly elevated the game of both Matthews and Tavares, and you’ve seen how effortlessly he makes it look to move the puck from zone to zone without being impeded by defenders. Yes, William Nylander is pretty great and as hard as it may be to accept that an Albertan isn’t awful, William Nylander is pretty darn good.
That’s why it’s really not surprising that with their mid-season awards, the Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA) voted Nylander as their comeback player of the year.
Comeback Player of the Year Award – to the player who returned to a previous high level of performance that was interrupted by subpar play, long-term injury or major illness.
1. William Nylander, Toronto Maple Leafs
2. Anthony Duclair, Ottawa Senators
3. Max Pacioretty, Vegas Golden Knights
So, with great recognition comes great …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

11 Trade Deadline Rentals that only make me throw up in my mouth a little

Sorry folks. No Leafs hockey until Sunday is going to result in premature trade deadline speculation. I don’t make the rules.
Now that the disclaimer is out of the way let’s acknowledge that trade deadline rentals have an established track record of being a pretty bad idea. Let’s then move on to the fact that the Leafs really don’t have much in the way of cap space nor a first round draft pick this season to major players in the trade deadline. That’s 100% a blessing. Now that all of that has been said, there are a few players who don’t particularly seem to be too awful as far as deadline options go. As far as who is being considered a rental, well, I included arbitration eligible restricted free agents to make it slightly more appealing than just the usual unrestricted free agent suspects. Sue me. I wanted a #1 that people would truly want on their team.
11. Daniel Sprong (F) Ducks
We’ll start off Dutch hockey legend Daniel Sprong, who definitely falls into that RFA group. Sprong only has an offensive game and I’m sure …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Let’s all jump to conclusions based on the loss to Connor McDavid

I don’t really know what to say here folks, but I guess it’s pretty simple. The Leafs do not need to hold a summit over every regular season loss. We can all agree that losing to the Oilers is embarrassing, but it some how seems less embarrassing when McDavid and Draisaitl take over the game.
You can point to the other names appearing on the score sheet, but that doesn’t change that only one goal was scored by the Oilers with neither McDavid or Draisaitl on the ice.
Anyways, back to the “issues” stemming from the game…
1. The Leafs need someone to shutdown Connor McDavid
Allow me to humbly suggest that this player does not exist. We can fondly reflect on how great Nazem Kadri was at getting under McDavid’s skin, but we can equally point out that Justin Holl did pretty darn well against him during the game in Edmonton.
The reality of McDavid is that he is so far beyond anyone in this league that no one is going to shut him down and making an issue out of stopping him is a fool’s errand. …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Leafs recall Mason Marchment from Marlies

The title pretty much says it all, folks. The Leafs called up Mason Marchment from the Toronto Marlies, adding to a slew of transactions with the farm team recently.

The @MapleLeafs have recalled forward Mason Marchment from the @TorontoMarlies (AHL).
— Toronto Maple Leafs (@MapleLeafs) January 1, 2020

Marchment was added to the Toronto Marlies back when General Manager Kyle Dubas was Assistant General Manager Kyle Dubas, in charge of running the AHL affiliate for the Maple Leafs. He signed an AHL contract with the club in 2016 and has began with the ECHL farm team for the Marlies at the time, the Orlando Solar Bears.
After that season,,he earned a full time job with the Marlies, typically playing in a middle 6 role for the last 2 seasons.
Expectations for this call up should be kept low, as it hasn’t been confirmed that Marchment is going to be playing for the Leafs yet. It’s most likely that he’s here as injury insurance. Both Pierre Engvall and Kasperi Kapanen had minor bumps and bruises from last night’s game, but there hasn’t been any word that either will be missing any …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

Preseason Post-Game #1: Five Takeaways vs Ottawa

Hockey is back, folks! And we here at The Leafs Nation couldn’t be more excited about it, which is why we’re changing some things up before the action truly kicks off.
Be honest; do you really need a standard pre-game preview? How much does a by-the-numbers post-game recap really tell you about what you just spent the last three hours watching with your own two eyes? That’s what I thought.
What you want out of your game-day content is some juice, baby. Some spice. And in order to give you that, we’re moving away from the tired old format in favour of a different direction.
Welcome to the Five Thoughts Era! You’ll get the hang of it as you read on.
Game Recap
The Ottawa Senators snuck out a 3-1 win against the Maple Leafs in what was a thoroughly sloppy preseason tune-up. And good for them, honestly. They need to be reminded of what winning feels like. Might as well get it out of the way before the regular season.
#1- The Goat REALLY Wants to Make This Team
Look, perhaps we were hasty about this. Everyone pencilled Frederik Gauthier out of the Leafs’ …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation