If the Leafs trade Kadri, what happens next?

There’s a funny thing that happens every time a Leafs player is mentioned in trade rumours: People scramble to say “Well how do we replace him?” with an implication that the front office seemingly overlooked this important question. This is especially applicable in the cases of two Toronto players who’ve had their names in the news recently, Nazem Kadri and Nikita Zaitsev.
With Zaitsev the answer is quite obvious given his contributions to the team might be a net negative and his contract is dreadful: Literally anyone. (Well not literally, but you get what I mean. The most average of average players would be a fine replacement). In Kadri’s case the answer is a little more complicated, but there has to be one.
I’ll preface this whole thing by saying I’d be gutted to see Kadri leave Toronto because he’s been a great Leaf through the good and bad, and while he gets a bit fired up from time-to-time, he plays with a nastiness that is sometimes fun to see other teams to try reckon with. But what’s frustrating about this Kadri trade talk is that most pundits brush aside the idea of …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation

Pay Mitch Marner all the money, he’s worth it

A funny thing that keeps popping up during these playoffs is counting the dollars that will be added to Mitch Marner’s post-ELC contract every single time he does something well. I mean, this has been happening all season as fans around the league are looking for ways to undermine the great thing the Leafs have going on, but it’s been amplified in the playoffs.

Marner currently has three points in three games in the playoffs. He scored two goals in Game 1 and picked up an assist in Game 3. There hasn’t been a single Leaf to really explode offensively thus far in the series. Instead, it’s been strong play by committee.
The offence is inevitable for Marner. He’s going to score goals, he’s going to make plays, he’s going to rack up points, and he’s going to drive offence. This has been his game forever. But one thing about Marner that has been on display this series is his really good two-way game.
Front and centre last night was Marner literally laying his body on the line for the team in the dying seconds of the third period. He blocked not one but …

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Author: h0ckeyfan / The Leafs Nation