Blue Jays-Red Sox 7/22/2022: A Comedy

Now THAT is how you start the second half of the season. The Blue Jays came back from the All-Star break and welcomed the Red Sox with a 28-5 beatdown at Fenway Park. It’s safe to say that this game was worthy of a mercy rule, and everyone in the ballpark would’ve been okay with it. Red Sox fans were booing in literally every single inning, even to cover up some “Let’s go Blue Jays!” chants.

It would be hard to mention every run scored by the Blue Jays tonight because it would simply have as many words as the United States Constitution. Tough night for those who took the under!
The best and most comical of the 28 runs came from Raimel Tapia, who hit an inside-the-park grand slam. Randal Grichuk could never! On a 0-0 offering from Red Sox reliever Austin Davis, Tapia skied a ball into deep center field, and judging on his body language, Tapia assumed that he would be out. On what should have been a routine fly ball, Red Sox CF Jaren Duran never saw the ball, and instead, stood completely still as the ball landed in front of the center field wall. Tapia went from “Damn, I’m out” to 355 mph in no time, and he cleared …

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Author: Evan Stack / Blue Jays Nation