Pick swaps in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft

In anticipation of the 2020 draft happening before the resumption of the NHL season, I wrote about ‘The Art of the Swap‘. That is the process of assigning a number value to draft picks, and trading down in order to increase the perceived value.
It surprised me to see that was already 6 months ago, and at the time it would have been even more surprising to know the draft wouldn’t occur until October. Nonetheless, I made a few predictions in that article that I was eager to see play out.
First off was the frequency of swaps. In the 6 previous drafts, there was an average of 7 swaps per draft. In 2020 there was a total of 11, including 5 swaps in the first 2 rounds. This falls just short of the 2019 high of 12, but still continues the upwards trend.
I also made the point that more swaps means more precedence, so as time goes on we should expect the surplus value to trend towards 0. That appears to be the case:

I really like this chart, but it can be hard to read. Each bar represents one draft day swap, and the height is the value of the trade down picks minus the value of …

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Author: Earl Schwartz / The Leafs Nation

Bo Bichette will join the Blue Jays in Kansas City


With Eric Sogard getting dealt to Tampa Bay today, it seemed inevitable that Bo Bichette would soon join the Blue Jays in his place. But then with Marcus Stroman also getting dealt, rumours randomly started swirling that the Jays’ top prospect could, in fact, be also involved in the deal.
Shi Davidi put out that fire.

Bo Bichette is indeed coming up to join #BlueJays, per source.
— Shi Davidi (@ShiDavidi) July 28, 2019

Bichette was pulled from today Buffalo Bisons game, which gave that nonsense rumour from WGR550 (which has since been deleted) some legs. Instead, Bichette was removed so that he could get his things together and join the Blue Jays. I don’t think he’ll be heading back to Buffalo again.

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

Leafs willing to part ways with Kadri and Kapanen

With the 2019 NHL Draft happening tomorrow in Vancouver, the Leafs are in constant discussion throughout the league and two key names have come up recently in trade talks.

Toronto Maple Leafs bracing for activity. Telling teams they will listen on Kapanen and Kadri. Would need a D back in a Kapanen trade and a centre back for Kadri. Strong sense Connor Brown could go as well.
— Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger) June 20, 2019

It was already going to be a wild couple of weeks for the Leafs — the possibility of a Marner offer sheet and negotiating with his team, as well as trying to improve at the draft — but now there will be more names added to those rumours.
According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, the Leafs will listen in on offers for forwards Nazem Kadri and Kasperi Kapanen.
In both of these deals, the Leafs will be looking for NHL players back, no future assets, according to Dreger. Toronto will be looking to fill their current hole on the blue line with a trade involving the 22-year-old Kapanen, while a centre will be the hopeful return for Kadri.
Kapanen is currently a restricted free agent, in need of his first contract after …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

Vlad Jr. will reportedly be called up on Tuesday

It’s finally happening! According to Hector Gomez, a reporter based out of the Dominican Republic, the Blue Jays will call up Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on Tuesday to make his Major League debut against at home against the San Fransisco Giants.

Vlad, of course, was raised in the Dominican Republic, and Hector Gomez isn’t just some random person. He’s a credible reporter, especially when it comes to Dominican players. I wouldn’t expect this report from him to be false.

SOURCE: The Blue Jays will call up Vladimir Guerrero Jr. He will make his MLB’s debut on Tuesday vs @SFGigantes, at Rogers Centre.#ZDigital #ZDeportes @z101digital @ZDeportes
— Héctor Gómez (@hgomez27) April 19, 2019

We all knew this was going to happen soon, as the date for Vlad’s service time to be manipulated was passed, but we didn’t know how long the Blue Jays would opt to let him embarrass Triple-A pitchers.  Through five games with the Bisons, Vlad has a playing-on-easy-mode line of .412/.500/.824 with two homers and six runs batted in. There’s no doubt that he has nothing left to prove at that level.
I figured yesterday Vlad joining the team in the near future was …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation