Leafs sign Kerfoot to 4-year, $14-million contract

Acquired in the Nazem Kadri trade, Alexander Kerfoot is now a Maple Leaf for long-term — signing a four-year extension worth $14-million.

Leafs extend Alex Kerfoot. 4 years, $14 million total.
— Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger) July 4, 2019

Coming in at a cap hit of $3.5-million for the next four years is solid business by Kyle Dubas, to lock up the third-line centre (or winger) spot for the near future that they hope to contend in.
Seen as the other piece in the Tyson Barrie-Nazem Kadri deal to many, but Kerfoot will cement his spot in this forward group exceptionally well. He only has two seasons under his belt with Colorado, but in those 157 NHL games played, Kerfoot racked up 34 goals and 51 assists.
Depending on what Babcock wants, Kerfoot could either start the season as the third-line centre — in between Kasperi Kapanen and Trevor Moore most likely — or as a top-nine left-winger and depending on William Nylander to fill that centre spot. All of this is hypothetical and can change in the months to come, but it’s looking like a solid deal for both sides.
Coming in around the same number, Dubas signed Andreas Johnsson and Kapanen to extensions earlier this summer. Johnsson to a …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

If you’d like to spend $1,000 to get birthday wishes from Nazem Kadri, you can now do that

It’s no secret that Nazem Kadri didn’t have his best season, and even a worse playoffs. After getting suspended for five games (kind of, you probably know the details) after a tough hit in Game 2,  Kadri was a key source of blame for the Leafs’ second consecutive seven-game first round loss to Boston.
But now, he’s making up for his time off by… selling birthday (and other miscellaneous shoutouts) for… $1,000.
If you’re unaware of the cameo app/website, you can ask a select list of assorted celebrities, media personalities and one-hit wonders from the 1980s to say just about anything you’d like. Kadri’s price is double that of Snoop Dogg,  four times that of Flava Flav,  and more than 10 times that of Kyle Massey, former Corey in the House star. Even Ryan Lochte, the undisputed second greatest swimmer of all-time, is just $100.
$1,000 seems like a steep price for like, 30 seconds of Nazem Kadri’s time. But then again, it takes only a split-second decision to get suspended again, so maybe he’s just looking out for himself. Maybe his agent negotiated the deal.
But seriously, NFL star receiver Antonio Brown is at least ten …

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Author: Adam Laskaris / The Leafs Nation

Kadri will either head into the 2019-20 season with a new home or a redemption story arc

I’m not sure if Nazem Kadri wants a mulligan on all of the 2018-19 season, but I’m sure he’d appreciate the do-over on his short lived playoff appearance.
Kadri didn’t have a great season, and that was to be somewhat expected simply based on his reduced role. The arrival of John Tavares meant that Kadri was going to be bumped to a third line role, and get the accompanying linemates that go along with that. Throw in the fact that William Nylander wasn’t available until December, Patrick Marleau’s performance fell off a cliff, and any expectation of maintaining a 30 goal a season pace of the past two seasons wasn’t likely.
That’s not to say that Kadri had a bad season (just a miserable playoffs), and the fact that he was a 44 point forward on the third line probably points to a lot of good hockey still being left in Nazem. The biggest question might be where Kadri will be playing that hockey.
Season recap:
Okay, so really there is only one thing we’re going to remember from this year and that is for the second straight season Kadri was suspended for …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Kadri Suspended for Remainder of First Round

Nazem Kadri has been suspended for the rest of the first round against the Boston Bruins, according to the NHL Player Safety Department (ya know, the guys that hand out the suspensions).

Toronto’s Nazem Kadri has been suspended for the remainder of the First Round for Cross-checking Boston’s Jake DeBrusk. https://t.co/doqkyMVrLS
— NHL Player Safety (@NHLPlayerSafety) April 15, 2019

This suspension comes after a late cross-check to the head of Bruins forward Jake DeBrusk, that also resulted in a five minute major penalty during the game. It will see Kadri miss somewhere between 3-5 games, depending on the result of the series.
The decision from Player Safety comes as a result of two key factors. First, Kadri’s hit is clearly a cross-check, and while it usually is only a two minute penalty, the fact that Kadri targets the head is what caused discipline. Secondly, Kadri also has quite the history with the league, particularly his suspension in last years playoffs, as well as another suspension for a cross-check to the head against the Red Wings. These both factor into the decision, as well as the length.
Honestly, I don’t really know where to begin with Kadri …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

Replacing Kadri

So it looks like the annual tradition of Kadri getting suspended for the majority of the first round is alive and well. Not all traditions are good ones I guess and that’s something to reflect on while watching Coach’s Corner. But I digress.
Kadri is likely done for the first round and Mike Babcock’s immediate solution is to put Nylander with Marleau and Brown.

So that seems like a bad idea. There isn’t really anything optimistic about this trio together. Things start looking a bit better if you combine two of them, and I think there’s a strong case there from Brown and Marleau making up two thirds of a solid fourth line, but it doesn’t seem to work with Nylander. The Leafs would be putting their fourth best forward in a less familiar position and taking away the biggest strength of his game, which is offense and playmaking.
So if Nylander at center with Brown and Marleau is likely to be done after tonight, where do they go from there?
Option 1: My Lines
So here’s where I force you all to look at my line combinations:
This is pretty much etched …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation