Training Camps Not Likely To Open Until January 10th or Later

Training Camps Not Likely To Open Until January 10th or Later

According to Brian Burke, the NHLPA has dug in their heels on being able to spend Christmas/holidays with their families. As a result, they would not be available to cross borders or begin quarantining in hub cities until December 26th or 27th. With a 14 day quarantine necessary, that means camps would not be be able to begin until January 10th or later.
Keep in mind this is but one of a number of sticking points between the league and the players, so there is still much to determine before final decisions are made.

Brian Burke @Burkie2020 just said on radio the players “have dug in on Christmas, they’re not giving up Christmas with their families.” If true (and I believe it) border corssing/quarantining can’t begin till Dec. 26, or 27th, camps would open 14 days later.
— Kevin McGran (@kevin_mcgran) December 2, 2020

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Prospect Roundup: Return of Rodion, Finland’s finest, Abramov unleashed

Though the NHL owners and NHLPA are still working towards establishing parameters for the 2020-2021 season, some NHL hopefuls have already started making plans for the upcoming season. Mikko Lehtonen – signed as an undrafted free agent last May – has been playing with Jokerit of the KHL this season but his loan agreement was recently terminated and he has made his way back to Toronto to quarantine before joining some of his new teammates on the ice.

#Jokerit and Mikko Lehtonen have mutually agreed to terminate the player’s contract. Next stop for him is Toronto.
Thank you Mikko and all the best in North America!#KHL
— Jokerit Helsinki (@Jokerit_EN) November 20, 2020

One of those prospective teammates, 19-year-old Nicholas Robertson, has remained in Toronto since the Leafs were eliminated by Columbus in August with the hope that more time around the Leafs players and development staff will serve him well in his fight for a job in training camp. There will be plenty of competition for spots in Toronto’s forward group, but with the uncertainty surrounding the OHL season, the Leafs will give Robertson every opportunity to win a job just as they did back in …

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Ilya Mikheyev’s arbitration hearing scheduled for October 21

The NHLPA announced on Tuesday the dates for the arbitration hearings for 22 RFAs, one of which includes Ilya Mikheyev.

The 2020 salary arbitration hearings will be held from Oct. 20 to Nov. 8, 2020. The calendar of hearings is available here:
— NHLPA (@NHLPA) October 13, 2020

According to the official press release, Mikheyev and the Leafs will have their arbitration hearing on October 21 and he will be the only player to have a meeting that day.
While it is possible that the two parties could wait until next week to continue, the scenario of a contract being agreed to before the meeting is still in the cards. It’s also entirely possible that a signing could be announced before a ruling has been set for Mikheyev’s next contract.
In the meantime, we will have to wait and see how the next few days play out as the two parties continue to negotiate an extension. For what it’s worth, the Leafs do have a big advantage in the talks due to Mikheyev having a small sample size since he missed significant time due to an injury he suffered back on December 27th.
If you want …

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NHLPA Announces Postponements of Playoff Games

The NHLPA announced the postponement of playoff games originally scheduled for today and tomorrow.

Statement from the National Hockey League Players’ Association and National Hockey League.
— NHL Public Relations (@PR_NHL) August 27, 2020

The announcement comes on the heels of similar action taken by NBA and MLB players, to show solidarity and support for the Black Lives Matter movement.
Games will resume Saturday.

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News and Notes: Next steps in NHL’s return-to-play planning, players discuss isolation, and more

Over the weekend, the NHLPA voted heavily in favour of accepting a 24-team playoff format in the event the NHL resumes the 2019-20 season later this summer. This is just a very small step forward to getting the league going and there are some large, complicated hurdles left to overcome.

While the 24-team format was passed with a 29-to-2 vote (in which Carolina and Tampa Bay voted no), the next vote, which will be on accepting the details and logistics for a summer playoff tournament proposed by the league, could be more contentious.
Michael Russo, a Minnesota Wild reporter with The Athletic, spoke with Devan Dubnyk, who has plenty of experience representing his teammates on the NHL Players’ Association’s executive board. Dubnyk said that the yes vote was for the 24-team format, and another vote, perhaps one involving as many as 700 players, will be needed to pass through things like logistics, cities, travel, testing, and economics.
“I think it’s really important to start having these conversations with as many players as we can about, ‘Guys, what scenarios are we OK with?’” Dubnyk said. “From what it sounds …

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The 24-team format still needs to be tweaked

On Friday, the NHLPA Executive Board voted to move ahead with talks regarding a 24-team playoff in the NHL’s return-to-play efforts. While this vote means that the players have accepted to move forward with the proposed plan of having 24 teams returning to play, the specific format of how the playoffs will go down has not yet been set in stone.

The NHLPA issued this statement…
“The Executive Board of the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) has authorized further negotiations with the NHL on a 24-team return to play format to determine the winner of the 2020 Stanley Cup. Several details remain to be negotiated and an agreement on the format would still be subject to the parties reaching agreement on all issues relevant to resuming play.​”
So, ultimately, the only thing that’s been accepted here is having 24 teams returning to play. The proposed playoff format that features eight teams (the top four in each conference) getting a bye while the remaining teams undergo play-in series to continue could still feasibly be tweaked.
A couple of key issues that need to be ironed out include…

The bracket-style format. In the format …

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

NHLPA expected to approve 24-team playoff format, reports say

The NHLPA is expected to pass a 24-team playoff format, reports from OilersNation’s Jason Gregor and TSN’s Bob McKenzie say.

The NHLPA has voted not to receive their final paycheque. Also, while not unanimous (some top teams not loving format), source tells me NHLPA will approve the 24-team playoff. #NHL
— Jason Gregor (@JasonGregor) May 22, 2020

While last night’s NHLPA executive committee conference call got a little heated at times, and various individual players still have a wide variety of views on the NHL’s RTP format, the exec committee vote by team is expected to result in NHLPA approval of the NHL plan.
— Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) May 22, 2020

The vote began Thursday and is expected to finalize Friday. While Gregor reported some teams aren’t fans of the format, McKenzie said that an NHLPA conference call “got a little heated at times” Thursday night. 18 votes from 31 reps are needed to pass.
Toronto’s PA rep is Zach Hyman, with John Tavares operating as an alternate.
Once the NHL has an official answer from the NHLPA, TSN’s Pierre LeBrun added the league has its own process to go …

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Author: Zach Laing / The Leafs Nation

2020-21 NHL season may start in November

As the NHL and NHLPA continue to work through every angle for a possible conclusion to the 2019-20 NHL season, TSN’s Pierre LeBrun suggested on Twitter that an option on the table involves pushing back the start of next season into November.

Yesterday on Twitter, LeBrun reported that the National Hockey League is looking at potentially pushing back the start of the 2020-21 season by a month or more as a means of reaching a conclusion for the current season that was interrupted by COVID-19.

A reminder that the NHL is willing to delay the start of next season until November in order to finish off this season if possible with summer hockey. NHL believes they can play a full season next year starting in November, cancel ASG/bye week, play playoffs into late June ’21
— Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) April 13, 2020

While there are obviously plenty of hurdles that would need to be cleared if this plan is going to have any chance of working out, we know that the league wants to reach some sort of a conclusion for the 2019-20 season without having to cut the number of games in 2020-21. if the league and players …

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Author: Nation World HQ / The Leafs Nation