Maple Leafs 2021-2022 Player’s Point Projections

Editor’s note: I’m very excited to have a good friend of the blog Clay Collins making his TLN debut today in a guest post. My fingers are crossed that we can make it more of a regular thing. Clay has been developing a player point projection model, and admittedly I’m a sucker for it as I am a sucker for anything that gives me a range to work with rather than an absolute number. I encourage you all to check out Clay’s work, and give him a follow on twitter. Hopefully this will lead to more of his work appearing on The Leafs Nation.
Maple Leafs 2021-2022 Player’s Point Projections
by Clay Collins

DISCLAMER – This model is NOT using best practices when creating and implementing a model. And this was sort of by design. I wanted to put together a very quick and dirty model this season and see my own personal growth through my models as I progress through my schooling and career as a data scientist.  This season is a baseline for me, and as such has some very major issues. There are plenty of much smarter and more experienced modelers and projections …

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Author: TLN Staff / The Leafs Nation