Scott’s Thoughts: So, you want to trade William Nylander again?

If I had a nickel for every time William Nylander’s name was thrown around in trade rumours for something the other core players would just get a stern finger wagging for, I’d probably be the richest man in the world.
Look, Nylander isn’t a perfect player. His defense can be a bit lacking, he’s prone to make those big mistakes that scream bad to the eye test, and he can look like he isn’t always putting in 100% effort, sometimes because he isn’t, and sometimes because his skill and skating are well above most of his competition that he just doesn’t look like he’s working as hard as Grinder McGritface on the fourth line.
But, trading Nylander would be a mistake. A big one. The kind of mistake that you think looks great now, but in two or three years, he’s torching the Leafs in a playoff series on route to a Stanley Cup, while all those “valuable” depth pieces we got for him turned out to be just that: depth pieces that could never replace the value that Nylander brought.
Look, I get it. You’re still not over the fact …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

Let’s watch all of William Nylander’s 31 goals from this season

William Nylander’s 2018-19 season was a complete nightmare. But this year? That was a different story.

Nylander didn’t endear himself to fans last season. After sitting out the first two months of the season due to a contract holdout, Nylander finally inked a deal at the last possible moment and returned to the team in December. When he did finally return, Nylander looked like he was a step behind his usual dynamic self. He ended up scoring seven goals and 27 points in 54 games, his least productive season since breaking into the league.
After a mediocre performance on the ice followed his contract holdout, Nylander had a big season ahead of him to remind the fanbase how good he actually was. He did exactly that this year.
Nylander buried a career-high 31 goals in 68 games in 2019-20, meaning a hot finish to the season could have seen him break the 40-goal plateau. He also had 59 points, so he surely would have shattered the career-high of 61 points he set in 2016-17 and in 2017-18.
Though the season was cut short and Nylander wasn’t able to complete his chase to the 40-goal plateau, he certainly redeemed himself in …

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

William Nylander isn’t going anywhere (so please, stop the madness)

If pundits are to be believed, William Nylander’s time as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs is dangerously close to its end.
We’ve been hearing about this since last year. There were constant radio hits declaring him as lazy, or selfish, or short-sighted, or soft. He was too self-centred to be a part of a team that just needed him to take a nice discount, and teams were told to prepare offers to get him off of Toronto’s hands.
Now, we’ve all but come full circle. Even though Nylander has 11 points in 16 games, fits in perfectly as a secondary face-off taker in the Maple Leafs’ top six, and is a phenomenal play driver for Toronto, we’re back on our bullshit as a collective internet community.
It’s only been a year since Nylander was on the mythical trading block for his extended contract negotiations, but he’s back on the Narnia block once again — this time, inexplicably, to make room for Zach Hyman.

“Once Hyman’s back, if Nylander is not shopped I’m going to be really surprised.”@mikezigomanis thinks the #Leafs could be making a big move in the near future @ScottyMacThinks @SmrtAsh.#LeafsForever | # …

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Author: Cat Silverman / The Leafs Nation