Useless Trade Speculation: Vol.1

Will there be other volumes? MAYBE!

So this has been rattling around in my head for a few weeks and I figured, if Hot Stove speculation is kicking off, throw another log in the fire. This concept comes with a lot of caveats (as all such speculation does) and I’ll start with those. First, I’m pretending Ohtani (and Judge) are off the table as too expensive. If they surprise us and blow through the tax threshold, great…wonderful…dance in the streets. But I’ve no reason to assume any such future so when I say something like “my favorite target” know that I’m setting those two aside.
Second, if I’m being honest I wouldn’t bat an eye if the only thing they did to the lineup was re-purpose Tapia’s money and roster spot to someone else (I wouldn’t be shocked at all if JBJ ends up back here to handle the defensive tasks). Say, for example, Joc Pederson. Likewise, I’d be copasetic if next year’s opening day bullpen was manned entirely by players already in the organization. I’m not unaware of the “get some swing and miss” narrative nor do I specifically object to shopping in that aisle (Joe Jiminez looks mighty appealing) albeit such a move would require making room by, say, trad …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

Ilya Mikheyev will hit the free agent market

The Soup era in Toronto has come to a swift end as the other player with the namesake will become a UFA.

Coming off a career best season with 21 Goals in 53 Games, @MapleLeafs Mikheyev is headed to the UFA Market tomorrow , open to all offers, and will garner plenty of interest .@espn @NHL #HockeyTwitter
— Kevin Weekes (@KevinWeekes) July 12, 2022

It’s not all that surprising that Ilya Mikheyev did not get an extension with the Leafs as he priced himself out of Toronto. At the same time, it will be sad to see him go as he became a fan favourite and provided a ton of value in the middle-six.
This past season saw him rebound to his rookie season form as upon his return to the lineup in December, he registered 21 goals, 11 assists, and 32 goals in 53 games played. Mikheyev also registered his first playoff points during the Leafs’ matchup against the Lightning where he recorded four points.
His versatility and solid play at both ends of the ice made him one of the Leafs’ more reliable options in the forward unit, especially his play on the penalty kill. While his impending departure will no doubt sting, it is far from impossible to replace his services, especially in the wake of the non-tendered free agent list being revealed on Monday.
Value to be found in non-tendered free agents once again for Maple Leafs
Recent reports suggest Mikheyev may net himself a multi-year contract with an AAV of as high as $5.5 million, which is too much for the Leafs to comfortably manage so it’s no wonder they have decided to let him walk. The reason why he has been put in this position was because of Kyle Dubas’ strong ability to unearth talent at an affordable price. Whether his successor is found on the open market or within the organization, replacing Mikheyev will not be a difficult task to pull off.
Best of luck to Mikheyev wherever he goes next!
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Author: Michael Mazzei / The Leafs Nation