Where will Nick Robertson play?

The answer to this question varies greatly based on who you ask. Some have Robertson playing with Matthews or Tavares. Others have Nick Robertson returning to the OHL for one more season of overripening. And pretty much everywhere in between. The landing spot for Robertson is incredibly difficult to predict, but there are two competing forces that make it harder.
Leafs wing Depth
The Leafs have no shortage of NHL capable wingers.

Wingers excluding Robertson

Centers that also play wing









So assuming that Matthews, Tavares, and Thornton will occupy three of the four center positions, that leaves nine spaces for 13 forwards, excluding Robertson.
Of course, based on his abilities there’s more than a strong case for Robertson being ahead of some of those players. He might not have any sort of NHL resume to speak of, but the reality is his OHL resume, combined with a strong training camp might make him hard to ignore as an option for the top nine group. I can’t imagine the Leafs have much interest in bringing him along if he’s going to be a 4th liner, …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Is Laurence Gilman a potential fit for the Coyotes job?

For once when asking a question in the header of a post, the answer isn’t no. Unfortunately Leafs fans probably should want the answer to be no, as keeping Laurence Gilman is likely the better outcome for the Leafs.
Yesterday it was announced that John Chayka has left the Coyotes organization. An interesting story unto itself, summarized well by Craig Morgan:
The reasons for that termination are in dispute, however. One NHL source said Saturday that during the NHL season’s pause, Chayka asked the Coyotes for permission to pursue another “another professional opportunity” that was not with another team and had sought his release from the organization about six weeks ago.
But another source said Sunday that this account is not true, and that stance was later corroborated by another league source.
“John Chayka is a liar and a quitter,” the source said.
Getting away from the tire fire that continues to be the Arizona Coyotes, I found myself again looking for the all important “How does this affect the Leafs?” angle, and that has presented itself in the case that can be made for Gilman as the potential replacement …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

It looks like the Blue Jays will be allowed to play their home games at Rogers Centre

The biggest question facing the Blue Jays at Summer Camp has been answered. The team will be allowed to play their home games at Rogers Centre in Toronto.

BREAKING: @MacLeodLisa tells @TSN1200:
The Blue Jays have been given government clearance to play home games at Rogers Centre this summer.
But she cautions, “If the rules are not followed, we will rescind the plan.”
— Ian Mendes (@ian_mendes) July 16, 2020

There was quite a bit of controversy last week surrounding the Blue Jays and where they would shack up when Travis Shaw tweeted frustration with the intense quarantine regulations and stiff penalties associated with playing in Toronto.
But, ultimately, Shaw came out a few days later and apologized for his comments, making it very clear that the team was better off in Toronto than they would be in Dunedin, which appeared to be the most realistic fall-back net.
Of course, it’s also important to mention that we still haven’t heard from Canada’s federal government about clearance for the Blue Jays to play at home and about clearance for their American opponents to enter the country. Lisa MacLeod, who was the source on this …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

Raptors vs. 76ers Game 4 Thread: Updates, TV info, and more

The little question: will Pascal Siakam play? The big question: can the Raptors avoid being backed against the wall? It would appear that Game 3 was a tipping point into “going through it” for Raptors fans. No fanbase does it better, especially after all the years of watching Toronto excel in the regular season, then eventually get embarrassed in the playoffs on a bigger stage. The mantra coming into Sunday afternoon has to be no, really, this Raptors team is different.
At the very least, the Raptors don’t have to worry about Kawhi Leonard as they get ready for the first ABC game of their series against Philadelphia, coming off a 21-point loss and entering with a 2-1 series deficit. Leonard has been phenomenal, Pascal Siakam has been great, and nobody else has been consistent. As per the stat that everyone has shared with you by now:

Remember how awful the Thunder were offensively in the playoffs the first year after Durant left in 2017 whenever Westbrook was on the bench?2017 OKC offensive rating with Westbrook on bench: 79.02019 Raptors offensive rating with Kawhi on bench: 54.1He. Needs. Help.— Micah Adams (@MicahAdams13) May 3, 2019

Siakam, unfortunately, is a question mark due to health …

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Author: John Gaudes / Raptors HQ

Game 3 Ref Being From Boston May Help Leafs

There was no question that Game 2 between Toronto and Boston in this first round suffered a torrent of questionable officiating. Down 1-0 in the series, Boston was intent on taking every edge they could get to tie the series up, and the refs didn’t seem inclined to actually draw the line until very late in the game.
It was at that point where Nazem Kadri was ejected for cross-checking Jake DeBrusk, in retaliation for one instance, but also probably in retaliation for a larger injustice throughout the game.
Looking toward Game 3, it is everyone’s prerogative to make sure this game doesn’t see the same fate. Some Toronto fans are worries, as it has been pointed out that one of the referees for tonight’s game, Chris Rooney, is from Boston.
At first glance, this appears to be writing on the wall that Game 3 will see even more injustices towards Toronto when it comes to officiating, due to referee homer-ism.
However, it’s probable that the exact opposite will occur.
Generally, referees make mistakes quite often in the game. Sometimes those makes are a result of innocent human error (not seeing the play), but other times those errors …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation