Toronto Raptors: Five moves the Raptors should make this off-season

  The 2020 NBA Playoffs came to an end for the Toronto Raptors in a seven games series loss to the Boston Celtics. Now, the Toronto Raptors have several roster adjustments to consider, and here is a look at five moves the team should make this off-season. 2020 did not end as well as 2019 […]
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Author: Jason Mills / Raptors HQ

Maple Leafs: All-Time Drafted Roster

This week The Nation Network is focusing on the seven Canadian franchises’ all-time roster of drafted players. While unrestricted free agency gets more focus each summer, the draft is much more important to an organization’s long-term success.
The NHL Entry Draft is the scouts’ championship. It is very difficult projecting how good teenage hockey players will be in the future, but that’s the job description of NHL amateur scouts. This series is all about the scouts and who they picked. Because often, once a player is selected, the scouts have very little say in his future development.

The rules.
1. The player had to be drafted by the organization. Mats Sundin wasn’t drafted by Toronto, so he won’t be on the Maple Leafs team.
2. Players need to be slotted in the position they played the most. Mark Messier, for instance, did play left wing early in his career, but he is a centre.
3. We are picking the best possible lineup, similar to the Olympic rosters. Players who had the best career, even if the majority wasn’t with the organization who drafted them.
4. For organizations like the Flames, who were …

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Author: Jason Gregor / The Leafs Nation

Red-hot Raptors host Hawks at Scotiabank Arena

The Toronto Raptors have won seven in a row and will be looking to make it eight on Tuesday when the Atlanta Hawks visit Scotiabank Arena. Toronto defeated Atlanta 122-117 on Jan. 20. No doubt both teams are still reeling from the tragic news of Kobe Bryant‘s tragic passing in a helicopter crash — along […]
Red-hot Raptors host Hawks at Scotiabank Arena – Raptors Rapture – Raptors Rapture – A Toronto Raptors Fan Site – News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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Author: Jordan Skuse / Raptors HQ

Hot Takes From the Farm: Week 20

Eight regular season games left. Seven if you’re in Dunedin. Less than that for Bluefield and the Complex teams. Whether or not there are more is a question that remains unsettled in a couple of instances. The Bisons sit three games out behind first Place Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and 2.5 behind Syracuse. The possible drama arises from the circumstance that they play the last four games this year at the home of that first place team. The trick, of course, is to get to that series and still be within three games and to hope for bad outcomes for the Syracuse Mets. New Hampshire is eliminated, Dunedin is already in based on their first half championship. Lansing is 3.5 games out. The host Great Lakes, the first half division winner and a very good road team (Lansing is not so good at home) for two, then last place Western Michigan (who stink away from home) for three, before closing out on the road to Fort Wayne who are also currently tied for last place. So they have a credible shot but a lot of work to do. None of the short season teams are going anywhere.
All the buzz in Buffalo …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

Game 4 Turning Point: Raptors fend off Bucks’ run thanks to divine bench play

After the Bucks cut the lead to seven late in the third, Raptors fans were expecting a close outcome. Instead, the bench continued to save the game as Playoff Powell nailed a critical three to extend his team’s lead. From the tip, fans were treated to an energetic performance in Game 4 from all eight members of the Raptors’ regular rotation. It was the type of rare (of late) collective play that gives the city hope of the team actually pulling this thing off. Norman Powell and his legendary alter-ego Playoff Powell showed up once again, and with Kawhi Leonard less than 100 percent, the team needed every bit of the heroics.
After leading by ten at halftime, the Raptors came out of the gates fast in the third quarter, pushing the lead to 14 points after Marc Gasol canned a triple. Of course, then the Bucks made their move, upping their defensive intensity and taking open looks without fear. Milwaukee went on a lightning quick 7-0 run in just under a minute of game time, and Toronto braced for a fight.
The difference hung around seven points until about the four minute mark of the third, with Toronto seemingly clinging to …

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Author: Joel E Stephens / Raptors HQ

Game 7 Analysis: The Raptors made the right decisions to fend off the Sixers

The Raptors managed to beat the Philadelphia 76ers in seven games thanks to a truly absurd shot from Kawhi Leonard. Let’s look back at the decisions in Game 7 that led to that moment. So, Kawhi Leonard, huh?
Yeah, I still can’t believe that happened. But a lot needed to go right for the Raptors in Game 7 to even get to that last shot. There have been a few games where enough went wrong that Toronto didn’t have that chance at the end of the game.
Let’s check in on how they got to the finish line in their series with the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

That Embiid Matchup

It’s been a story line all series long. Joel Embiid has been by far the 76ers best player, and defending him with Marc Gasol was going to be absolutely crucial to the Raptors’ success, which became very clear after just one game, in spite of the general success of that game.
In Game 7, Nick Nurse made sure to match Gasol’s minutes directly to Embiid’s, much like in Game 5. And it paid off, keeping the Raptors within striking distance in …

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Author: Daniel Hackett / Raptors HQ

MLSE announces plan for Maple Leaf Square tomorrow

Not even the excitement game seven hockey can sway Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment to changing their traditions at Maple Leaf Square.
MLSE announced earlier today that they will be broadcasting the Toronto Raptors Game 5 in their first round series against the Orlando Magic instead of Game 7 between the Leafs and the Bruins.

MLSE confirms Raptors Game 5 gets big screen in Maple Leaf Square tomorrow. Home team priority has been their standard last few years.
Leafs Game 7 will be broadcast on smaller support screens (inverse of Friday). There will also be support screens along Bremner playing Leafs.
— Blake Murphy (@BlakeMurphyODC) April 22, 2019

The Raptors also have an opportunity tomorrow to move on to the second round, although the stakes are much, much lower, as they currently hold a 3-1 series lead over the Magic.
However, the Raptors being the home team in this scenario get priority, as that has been the precedent established over the last few years when the teams postseason schedules have clashed.
That’s not to say that their won’t be any broadcast of Game 7, but they will be on smaller screens, while the Raptors get the infamous big screen that we see everyone staring at when the …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation