The Leafs Management press availability offers little in the way of optimism

Brendan Shanahan: “Words aren’t going to fix this.”
— Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) August 12, 2020

This quote from Brendan Shanahan speaks largely to the tone of the Leafs Management press availability. There was no comfort to be found here. No excuses. No blame. What we found was Dubas is unwilling to put any of this on individuals, and there is still a united front of optimism around this group, either rightly or wrongly.
I couldn’t help but feel that Shanahan came across most displeased of the group, and that could lead to interesting speculation in the future, especially with a talented GM candidate like Laurence Gilman waiting in the wings, and Bruce Boudreau available for hire.
For now, we’ll assume the band will be back together next year.

Brendan Shanahan: “I have complete faith in Kyle as a general manager, in Sheldon as a coach and complete confidence in what we’re going to do here in Toronto.”
— Kristen Shilton (@kristen_shilton) August 12, 2020

Take votes of confidence with a grain of salt in hockey, but nothing to date leads us to believe that Shanahan isn’t a man of his word. He’s certainly going to …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

So, how long are these assistant coaches going to last?

The Leafs (in this case meaning Shanahan and Dubas) sort of wanted to fire Mike Babcock last spring when the Bruins put them away in game seven. They didn’t, and instead did the most common next thing: replacing the assistants around him. But it’s hard to parse out who pulled the strings most in this regard; Most would probably lean toward thinking Paul McFarland, brought in from the Panthers to help the powerplay, was a longtime Dubas target, while Dave Hakstol, a former NHL head coach himself, was more in line with Babcock.
I can’t say if that’s accurate because obviously no one is going to spill on it, but regardless, with Babcock out and Keefe coming in, it’s now worth asking “What is the point of having these guys around?”
Sheldon Keefe will take over behind the Leafs bench tonight, and he’ll be alongside these two coaches who he’s never worked with in the past. And it isn’t like they’ve been rockstars to this point either – the defence looks absurdly mistake-prone (supposedly Hakstol’s area) and the powerplay (McFarland’s brainchild) has been so bad it’s hard to describe. …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation