End of season comparison: Raimel Tapia and Randal Grichuk, plus intriguing prospect Adrian Pinto

One of the most shocking transactions to come out of the lockout, the Jays traded longtime Jay Randal Grichuk to Colorado for Raimel Tapia and a prospect.

It’s time to compare two more players. In this article, we’ll see if the Jays were better off with Grichuk or Tapia.
On March 24th, 2022, the Blue Jays traded Randal Grichuk and $9,716,666 in cash to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for Raimel Tapia and second baseman/centre fielder Adrian Pinto.
At the time of the trade, Grichuk was set to make $9,333,333 in 2022 and $9,333,334 in 2023. The Jays took on Tapia’s $3,950,000 contract, which, paired with the $5,383,333 sent to the Rockies this season, offsets the two salaries.
However, the Jays could non-tender Tapia, meaning he’d become a free agent instead of going to arbitration for his third and final time. I wouldn’t do this if I were the GM, but if they did, the Jays would clear $5,000,000 of salary from this move. 
Both Grichuk’s and Tapia’s contracts would be off the books and the only money tied up would be the remaining $4,333,333 the Jays will have to send to Colorado. If the Jays do tender Tapia, which they likely will, his 2023 salary would probably come in somewhere around the $5 million mark.
Now it’s time to compare their 2022’s.
Randal Grichuk’s 2022:
In his last season with the Jays, Grichuk slashed .241/.281/.423 with 22 homers in 545 plate appearances. He had an 85 wRC+ and a 0.1 fWAR. He didn’t fare much better in the thin al …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend and colleague Matthew Rodrigopulle

The Leafs Nation team is heartbroken to share the shocking and tragic news of the passing of Matthew Rodrigopulle.
Matthew joined our team in 2020 while finishing up his degree at then Ryerson University, now Toronto Metropolitan University, and we were privileged to have here for over a year before he went on to pursue one of his career goals of being on air journalist, which he did for Global Regina.
It was great to see Matthew to continue to rep the Leafs out west

Got to do something super cool today, got to rapel 260 feet down to support @EasterSeals!
Had so much fun and honestly would do it again in a heartbeat. Check Easter Seals out and donate if you can!
My story for @GlobalRegina pic.twitter.com/8hHATuxEgH
— Matthew Rodrigopulle (@Matt_Rodrigo_) August 28, 2022

had to bring some of the passion into work the jersey stays until the end of the series pic.twitter.com/pleXJvymtd
— Matthew Rodrigopulle (@Matt_Rodrigo_) May 11, 2022

A number of Matthew’s TLN colleagues and peers from around the hockey world have shared their condolences:

Absolutely gutted to learn of the passing of Matthew Rodrigopulle. A kind, bright young man who I was fortunate to interact with for a short time @TLNdc.
I don’t know what to say, my thoughts are with his family. They have lost a tremendous person far too soon. https://t.co/UiRlKacewy
— Earl Schwartz (@EarlSchwartz27) September 10, 2022

This is terrible news. I had the privilege of being a teammate of Matthew in my brief time with @TLNdc and I’m just in shock. https://t.co/geSGB0FWN1
— David Alter (@dalter) September 10, 2022

RIP Matthew. https://t.co/77TpxTkMxb
— Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) September 10, 2022

this one really hurts.
we lost a really great dude and even better person. i’m sending all my love and condolences to his family. https://t.co/bo8xDL3VU6
— Nick Barden (@nickbarden) September 10, 2022

Matt and I crossed paths only a handful of times, but it was easy to see his talent and kindness. Thoughts are with his family and friends, he will be dearly missed https://t.co/kxeIS6NjBY
— Kyle Cushman (@Kyle_Cush) September 10, 2022

Heartbreaking to hear. We only crossed paths briefly here on Twitter and at TLN, but my heart goes out to his family. A fixture on Leafs Twitter and no doubt a rising star in the industry. Gone far too soon. RIP. https://t.co/Z0GfXbUpWh
— Jori Negin-Shecter (@JNeginShecter) September 10, 2022

life is unbelievably unfair. always in our hearts, matthew. https://t.co/ogG5oP9a1g
— roxanne (@onntherox) September 10, 2022

I had the pleasure of editing Matthew’s work during our time at FanSided. He was such a passionate and talented writer, and an even better person. This is indescribably heartbreaking. Tell your loved ones you love them. https://t.co/YBENUiIDsk
— Mike Stephens (@mikeystephens81) September 10, 2022

The amount of shock and heartbreak I am feeling from this can’t be measured. Matthew was a joy to work with at TLN and it was exciting to see him head out west and achieve his career goals. He will be deeply mis …

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Author: TLN Staff / The Leafs Nation