Raptors: How should the team be handling the Terence Davis sutiation?

Raptors: How should the team be handling the Terence Davis sutiation?

The struggles on the offensive side of the ball this season led Toronto Raptors fans to call for in crease in playing time for shooting guard Terence Davis, who made the leap from undrafted free agent to rotational guard in just one season. While Davis has had his moments on the court this season, he […]
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Author: Mike Luciano / Raptors HQ

Ken Rosenthal believes the Blue Jays will have to “pay a premium” to lure free agents

Ken Rosenthal appeared on Tim and Sid (which was actually not Tim and Side but Arash Madani and Stephen Brunt) on Friday with some, uh, less than encouraging words about the Blue Jays and their pursuit of a game-changing free agent.

To paraphrase, Rosenthal was asked by Madani who he figured the Blue Jays would add in free agency, to which Rosenthal replied that he had no idea, though they’ve been in on pretty much everyone out there. Rosenthal then went on to say that he believes that top free agents will be more inclined to sign with American teams, putting the Blue Jays at a bit of a disadvantage…
My feel with them, not that they’re going to get used, but that unless they pay a premium, that guys are going to go and stick with the American teams.
Let’s look at [George] Springer, for example. Here’s a guy that seems to have sincere interest in the Jays and they seem to have sincere interest in him. But he’s from Connecticuit and if the Mets come at him and the money is roughly the same, will he want to stay as close to home …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

Maple Leafs trade targets: Defencemen

The Leafs defensive unit, particularly the right side, has been a source of concern for what seems like forever. This offseason will be no different as Kyle Dubas looks to revamp his blue line once again. Last summer saw him trade for Tyson Barrie and Cody Ceci – two players that failed to stabilize the group – and while there will be options to pursue in free agency, Dubas will likely look to the trade market once again in search of solutions for the Leafs defense.
There have been countless names thrown around in recent weeks and months, and today we’ll dive a little bit deeper into some of those players and their potential fits as trade targets for the Maple Leafs.
Aaron Ekblad – 24 years old – RHD – 6’4″, 215lbs
If Dubas decides to go big game hunting, there might not be a more perfect fit for the Leafs’ needs than Aaron Ekblad. The hulking right handed defenceman can play big minutes in all situations and led the Panthers with just under 23 minutes of ice time per game. He established a new career high with 41 points in just 67 games this past season, and that …

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Author: Nick Richard / The Leafs Nation

Bob McKenzie breaks down a potential Marner bridge deal

Is it still a bridge if it only gets one side where it wants to go?
Yes, Jon. Those are called one way bridges, and you take one to work every day and one home every night. That being said, those aren’t particularly efficient bridges and leave people on one side wanting a hell of a lot more.
Enter the proposed Marner bridge deal that was floated by Bob McKenzie after the Zach Werenski signing:

So to clean that up a little based on estimated average annual values and salaries…

$9 M
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
So Bob basically summed up the fact that this essentially puts Marner into unrestricted free agency a year early, as the Leafs will either be at the point where they are going to either
A) Match and try to move Marner to an interested party before arbitration
B) Not match the contract and Marner goes to unrestricted free agency
C) Go with club elected arbitration that would allow them to negotiate lower, but risk alienating Marner in the process
D) Negotiate a contract with less leverage than they have now.
Pretty much all of these scenarios are where the Leafs are today or …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation