What do the changes to the 2020 MLB draft mean for the Blue Jays?

There are a lot of uncertainties surrounding the sport of baseball right now, but the nearly finalized agreement between MLB and the MLBPA is bringing clarity to a few key issues. One of the questions I was most looking forward to clarity on was “what happens with the draft?” We now have an answer!

The 2020 MLB draft will be shortened to 5 rounds (with the ability to extend to more rounds) and will take place some time in July. The expectation is that the earlier baseball can resume, the more likely MLB is to expand the draft, possibly to 10 rounds. Further, Ken Rosenthal has provided clarity on teams spending limits. “The signing bonuses will remain at 2019 levels for the next two years. The bonuses typically rise by about 3 percent, based upon increases in industry revenues.”
 Given this, we can determine what the Blue Jays will have to spend on the draft, using slot money from 2019 and projecting it on the 2020 draft order.
Five-round Draft
Pick 5 $6,180,700
Pick 42 $1,771,100
Pick 78 $793,000
Pick 107 $543,500
Pick 137 $306,800
Total: $9,694,300
10-round Draft
Pick 5 $6,180,700
Pick 42 $1,771,100
Pick 78 $793,000
Pick 107 $543,500
Pick 137 $306,800
Pick 166 $306,800
Pick 196 $239,000
Pick 226 $188,900
Pick 256 $160,300
Pick 286 $148,400
Total: $10,737,700
Here are some stray thoughts and questions I have following MLB’ …

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The oldest players in Toronto Blue Jays history

Baseball is a young person’s sport, but it’s just as much a veteran’s sport, too. No team has experienced these highs and lows more recently than the Toronto Blue Jays.
In 2017, they had the oldest average age of position players in baseball at 31-years-old. Last year, they had the youngest average age of position players in baseball at 25.9-years-old. On three occasions, the Blue Jays had the oldest active player in baseball (2016, 2015 and 2012).
As much as the youngsters have taken over in Toronto, there’s value in having an elder statesman on the field and inside the clubhouse. I’m reminded of this after it was reported that 39-year-old Jose Bautista is attempting a comeback as a two-way position player.
Joey Bats wasn’t the oldest player to suit up for the Blue Jays, but the team employed several 40-plus baseball players in the past. Out of bizarre curiosity, I looked up the oldest players to wear a Toronto Blue Jays uniform.
10. Dave Parker (40 years, 3 months, 7 days)
Dave Parker finished his 19-year career as a member of the 1991 Toronto Blue Jays. He was released in September 1991 by the California Angels, and …

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How to choose sports watches for men? Here are the different types!

Like sport watches? Want to buy one? You might have decided to own or give a sports watch and want to tell yourself a little about what to decide when choosing this. However, we will distinguish between the various models available in the market so that you decide which type best suits your needs. Keep reading!
Today, we have different types according to their needs and functions, including:
Digital sports watch
Although not always fashionable, a digital clock is one that tends to reappear from time to time. The tradition marked by the oldest model, is still present in the latest version, which consists of a screen that shows the time and some other data. In addition, today they tend to offer many possibilities for customization on belts. This type can be used at various events, not limited to sports activities. A digital sports watch can provide more features than an ordinary digital watch. If you are an active professional then this type is the most recommended.
Pure sport watch
Combine analog devices with digital devices. It was designed in the image of sportswear, specifically designed for men. Athletes who need to control certain parameters when exercising. These watches are …

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