Let’s make some noise for the arms in New Hampshire

As many of you know, I love taking hard swigs from the prospect bottle. I dive into it like it’s the Gulf of Mexico and I’m a Canadian who hasn’t felt the warm sun or splashed in salty water all winter. I open my shitty MiLB app that functions like it was designed by grade 11 students back in 1997 every night and I try my best to surf from Buffalo to New Hampshire to Lansing and sometimes Dunedin – if a game is actually being streamed. I go as far as that shit excuse for an app takes me, and I soak in as many innings as I can.
When I watch these future Jays in the system, I don’t look to see what side of the rubber a pitcher is pitching from, or whether or not a player is chasing bad pitches outside the zone. I mean, I do analyze some Jays prospects because I can’t help it. But, I mostly watch them because I am a fan and I love Minor League baseball.
It’s hard these days for some Jays prospects to make noise in the farm. The Vlad drum has been smashed to …

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Author: Ryan Di Francesco / Blue Jays Nation