Staturday Weekly Column #12: There’s rain in the forecast for Toronto

Thus far in these weekly Staturday posts, I’ve focused on player-level stats. A new angle I’d like to take today is to look at team-level stats, to see just how good the Leafs have been this season.
I want to frame this post with two key questions that I aim to answer:

Are the Leafs secretly mediocre and hiding it with unsustainable shooting and goaltending results?
Where are they excelling and where are they failing?

Shot Attempts
Unlike quality player-level data, where Natural Stat Trick (NST) and Evolving-Hockey (E-H) are our the main resources available, there’s a bounty of websites that host team-level Corsi data of value. Adding to that tandem of stats sites, I’ll also be using Puck On Net (PON), Money Puck (MP) and HockeyReference (H-R) for today’s post.
If you’re new to these kinds of statistics, check out my primer.
This season, basic Corsi shot attempts look fairly bad for Toronto. From NST, at 5-on-5 and Even Strength, they’re 25th and 27th in the league respectively. That’s a quite ugly place to start, but also a very simple picture of what’s happening
One way we can add some …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

Rigid in Their Ways, the Blue Jays Will Still Be Fine

It has been a demoralizing off-season thus far for Blue Jays fans.

Hyped up by the words of Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins in October and November – that the Blue Jays will add, and add significantly – watching the Padres and Mets get better while the rest of baseball stagnates has been difficult.
Even the most rational of observers will admit that despite a litany of ways to improve still available, finishing in second place for Kevin Gausman, Ha-Seong Kim, Tomoyuki Sugano, and seemingly Francisco Lindor as well, will take its toll. But despite all of those near-misses, it’s important to realize that the Blue Jays will be fine.
The whispers from the Blue Jays camp are that they still believe the end result of this off-season will be one that impresses the fans, and until it is too late for that to happen, we have no choice but to believe them. But how is that going to be done? How are they going to finally get people to start accepting the money they are offering?
The Shapiro and Atkins group has always been very rigid in the way they do business. Together with their scouting, player development, and analytics …

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Author: Gideon Turk / Blue Jays Nation

Ryan Tepera activated, Javy Guerra designated for assignment

After missing the entirety of the season thus far due to elbow issues, Ryan Tepera has finally been activated from the 10-day Injured List. To make room on the 25-man roster, the Blue Jays have designated Javy Guerra for assignment. More on that in a second.

With the activation of Tepera and the DFA’ing of Guerra, the #BlueJays will head into weekend action with 39 spots taken on the 40-man roster.
The time is getting closer.#MLB
— Scott MacArthur (@ScottyMacThinks) April 18, 2019

Tepera tossed a couple of innings in Triple-A Buffalo during his rehab assignment, surrendering two runs while also striking out three batters. He had a rough go in spring training, allowing six earned runs over the course of seven innings before getting shut down.
It’ll be interesting to see how the Jays use Tepera out of the bullpen. He was slated to be the team’s eighth inning guy, but Joe Biagini has been excellent in that role thus far.
Anyways, the most interesting thing about this transaction is the fact that Guerra got designated for assignment, which clears a spot on the 40-man roster for somebody to be added. Who might that be? Hmmmmmmm.

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation