Will (Should?) the Leafs Bring Back Marleau

I will save all of you on Twitter and Facebook the trouble and say no for you right now.
I get it, the declining numbers and performance don’t make much of a case for him. The good in the room/veteran presence argument doesn’t hold much water, and frankly I’m a maroon for even suggesting it, but after all the dirt has been kicked and jokes made the expense of Marleau, this idea, and me, I hope you consider a few reasons why I have a hard time letting go of the idea of bringing Marleau back on a Jason Spezza type deal.
Well, of all forwards who played at least 400 minutes last season his points per 60 was 1.16, which puts him (*checks notes*) 309th in the league, just behind Luke Glendenning, Cal Clutterbuck, and Josh Leivo. Okay, we’re not off to a great start here, but it could come down to linemates…
Yeah, linemates, if you’re spending all your time playing with Connor Brown and Par Lindholm, how are you supposed to score. Just who exactly did Marleau play with the most out of forwards last year…
Kasperi Kapanen
Nazem Kadri
Auston …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Point Man #19: Taurasi fends off Kidd, and meets with someone unexpected

With the Trio in trouble, Kidd goes back to the phones to get Taurasi working on their behalf. Little does he know, a deal is being struck elsewhere. Kidd gets the bad news of Ricky’s capture, and decides to lean on Taurasi to make it right. The plan could work if she’d play along — and if she wasn’t in the process of meeting with Lowry at the same time.
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Words: Daniel Reynolds
Art: Michael Kennedy (on Instagram and Twitter)

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ