Who’s left and who’s leaving from Leafs camp

[extreme Sheryl Crow voice] The first cut is the deepest…
My stupidity aside, the Leafs have been hacking away at their training camp roster over the past couple of days, and with the Marlies camp opening, it looks like they’ll have actual Marlies attending it.
So far we’ve focused on who’s gone and you can find that info here:
Leafs make additional cuts as tougher roster decisions loom

Leafs make roster cuts as players are assigned to Marlies

Right now we’re going to focus on who is still around and what chances they have of making the Leafs.
Will be cut







When it comes to forward group it looks like most of the tough decisions have already been made. Robertson didn’t show enough in training camp to make the Leafs, Ho-Sang is going to require a bit more time with the Marlies before he’s ready to join the Leafs, and Nikita Gusev was essentially a bust. That puts things down to 10 absolute locks and 3 likely candidates to make the Leafs.
The …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

Matt Devlin: The Voice of the Toronto Raptors

Matt Devlin:  The Voice of the Toronto Raptors

You’ve heard the voice, Raptors fans, now meet the man.  For over a decade, Toronto Raptors history has been recorded in Matt Devlin’s voice. Since 2008, there have been two constants in the Toronto Raptors organization.  Not Kyle Lowry, not DeMar DeRozan, not Dwyane Casey or Nick Nurse or winning, or positive culture. Even the […]
Matt Devlin: The Voice of the Toronto Raptors – Raptors Rapture – Raptors Rapture – A Toronto Raptors Fan Site – News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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Author: Avishai Sol / Raptors HQ

Paul Hendrick on interviews, Leafs contention, Darcy Tucker ghost stories and Real Madrid

Paul Hendrick has been the voice and presence of the Toronto Maple Leafs for decades. His demeanor on screen and ability to connect with players through his hundreds of interviews throughout the years has been a prime reason for a lot of fans to tune in.
Known as one of the best people in the arena on the night of a game, he’s held the tough reputation of being that upbeat character in the Leafs media world.
As Hendrick and the club itself head into a new season full of change, I was able to have the pleasure to talk to him and get his thoughts on various things around the hockey world.
Stories of former Leafs, the mentality the front office has this season, and his insane Real Madrid fandom — Hendrick has a wealth of knowledge and an undying love for the game he’s able to cover.
Thomas Williams: You had your broadcasting career start in Sault Ste. Marie, obviously now within the Leafs organization there’s a big connection to the town with Kyle Dubas and Sheldon Keefe. Have you ever talked with any of them about the Soo and your experience up there?
Paul Hendrick: …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

SHOCKER: The Most Disappointing Former Leafs Staged the Saltiest Exits

*YouTuber voice*: “Storytime!”
I wasn’t the best student in middle school. Sure, there were a few outside factors that didn’t exactly nurture my learning curve, but for the most part, the blame for my academic mediocrity fell almost entirely upon my own two shoulders. It was my fault. Plain and simple. But 13-year-old Mike certainly didn’t believe that, though. No, sir!
You see, rather than engaging in some duly needed introspection, that pre-teen dummy took the coward’s way out and deflected the shame of his self-inflicted failure onto everyone around him instead; the school, the teachers, even the air inside that stale building.
I was a bitter little boy. And though I ultimately made it through grades seven and eight and marched on to high school, if you had asked that same, bitter little boy to reflect back on his time at Deer Park Public School, he probably would’ve spouted off on how his teachers all licked a bunch of ass.
Which brings me to Igor Ozhiganov.

Igor Ozhiganov 2 @Dima_Erykalov: It’s so different overseas.When you get to a lockerroom it seems all the players are ass-lickers that just wait for a coach to …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

Vladdy Watch: Is Friday the next most likely call-up date?

Extremely Brian Fantana voice: “VLADDY WATCH!”
Blue Jays fans are on pins and needles about Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s arrival. Earlier this week, Bob Nightengale reported Vladdy would make his debut on Tuesday. That was debunked shortly afterwards, but the Jays’ rabid fanbase was still left wondering when baseball’s consensus number one prospect will make his MLB debut.
The reports of Tuesday’s debut were only a false alarm. As Vladdy Watch enters day 28 since the beginning of the 2019 season, whispers continue about his official introduction to the Major Leagues.
As of now, the timing seems perfect to bring Guerrero up ahead of Friday night’s series against the Oakland A’s. The Bisons play a mid-morning game in Syracuse today, followed by an afternoon matinee on Thursday. If the organization is concerned about Vladdy getting those extra reps, they could bring him along following the Bisons’ afternoon matchup in nearby Syracuse.
The Blue Jays have an off-day on Thursday following today’s mid-afternoon series finale against the San Francisco Giants, which leads perfectly into a Friday evening tilt featuring baseball’s hottest prospect. That’s enough time to build some momentum going into Friday and sell a few …

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Author: Ian Hunter / Blue Jays Nation