‘Staturday’ Weekly Column #1: Where do we start? Analytics Primer, Part 1

Have you ever wanted to learn more about analytics in hockey? Have you ever been curious about what stories might lie in data about your favourite hockey team that you may not be aware of? If so, welcome to Staturday!
This is the initial post of this now weekly column. The goal is to find interesting stories in the publicly available data about the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Six, Team Canada, or any of the other teams this site has the pleasure of covering.
What data do we use?
Primarily, publicly available hockey “advanced” statistics are based on shot attempts (aka Corsi). This is the base data set. There’s no reason to limit the discussion to this though. We can also talk about player production (we’ll get to the many ways we can look at this), shot location, passing data, zone entry data, time-on-ice, who the player is playing with or against, and even luck. We can also do fancier things, like putting some or all of these different stats into a model to give us a more nuanced answer.
Shot Attempts
To summarize, shot attempts were traditionally broken into two types of statistics: Corsi (all shot attempts, …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

Maple Leafs Pregame #29: 5 Things to Watch vs. the Flyers

Apparently the Leafs and Flyers wanted to get their games over with, because tonight will be the third and final meeting between the two clubs only two months into the season.

First line centre Morgan Frost, huh?
1. JVR
James van Riemsdyk has been off to a slow start this season, with only 5 goals and 11 points with the Flyers. It seems like former Leafs always have a field day against Toronto (he did have a hat trick last year), so we’ll see if he has a breakout game tonight, although it might be hard on the fourth line.
2. The Fringe Guys
Nick Shore got sent down earlier today, and with Marner and Moore apparently ready to come back soon, the depth guys are all going to want to play well to figure out who will fill out the bottom six. Spezza seems to have locked himself in thanks to the coaching change, but guys like Petan, Gauthier, and Timashov are all going to have to put on their A-game, because not only could they not be regulars in the lineup once the Leafs are healthy, they might not fit on the roster in the cap crunch.
3. Pierre Engvall
Engvall …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation