The Time Is Now (for John Tavares to take over the series)

Let’s get one thing out of the way here: Hockey isn’t wrestling.
There’s no predetermined heroes and villains and losers and winners. The storylines are fluid and weird and heartbreaking and confusing and emotional. If you want Gary Bettman to be the NHL’s Vince McMahon, it doesn’t work like that.
Sure, you can talk about the playoff format and how it’s the same goddamn Bruins team over and over again.
You’ve got: Bergeron. Marchand. Rask. Chara. Rene Rancourt. Store-brand Rene Rancourt replacement. All guys you love to hate.
But Bettman didn’t use his Hand of God to make Montreal miss the playoffs yet again or convince Ottawa to nearly relegate themselves or for Florida to sell everyone off in the expansion draft or for Buffalo to do everything short of giving Rasmus Ristolainen the captaincy or for Detroit to give every Michigan resident over the age of 35 lifetime access to the arena as long as they could skate 20 minutes a night 82 times a year.
And despite their inexplicable playoff exit in four nights to a Columbus team who started clicking at the perfect time, Bettman didn’t create the Florida Tax structure …

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Author: Adam Laskaris / The Leafs Nation