Takeaways from the Day 1 Line Rushes

Amazing how a pandemic can turn something like line rushes from an insanely boring, mundane thing into the only thing anybody talks about today. But that’s what happens when hockey fans go more than four months without hockey.
The Leafs kicked off their training camp today, and of course had line rushes to give us something to talk about.

#Leafs lines in scrimmage one:
Nylander-Matthews-HymanEngvall-Kerfoot-Kapanen Agostino-Petan-MalginClifford-Spezza-Gauthier
Rielly-Ceci Muzzin-HollRosen-KivilhalmeGaudet
— Kristen Shilton (@kristen_shilton) July 13, 2020

Scrimmage one – done.Scrimmage two – on.#Leafs lines:
— Kristen Shilton (@kristen_shilton) July 13, 2020

So, I figured I’d quickly dive into the key takeaways from these rushes, based on what we knew previously. It should be noted that these are just the first day, so nothing is anything close to final, I’m just reacting for the sake of reacting.
Nylander is with Matthews, Marner is with Tavares
This shouldn’t truly be a surprise if you think about it, as these were the Leafs duos for their last game of the season against Tampa, but I can see why you might forget that because that was the first (and only) game that Keefe made that …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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