Taking a break because of mental health is important, especially in hockey

There’s a human behind the hockey player, always.
When Carey Price entered the NHL & NHLPA’s player assistance program, it was a call for help. Whatever he’s going through is more significant than the game of hockey.
For anyone, that decision takes guts. To even seek out mental health help is incredibly tough for some.
Price is one of the best hockey players on earth, and for him to do this does a lot of good. It does good for the game, it does good for the players, and it even does good for the fans. It shows that it’s okay to seek help for mental health.
It’s important to talk about this on a day like today, World Mental Health day. However, the conversation should never stick to one or two days throughout the year.
This should be to be an ongoing conversation that occurs every day.
Throughout recent years, the discussion regarding mental health has grown. People are speaking up about it, even NHL players. When players ask for help, fans see it, and some will seek out help themselves.
It’s something I did, and I encourage everyone else to do the …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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