Teams are trying to trade defencemen to the Leafs, Jake Muzzin is in the early stages of extension talks

Bob McKenzie dropped a few interesting Leafs-related tidbits on Insider Trading yesterday, reporting that other teams around the league are offering them defencemen via trade and that the team and Jake Muzzin have opened up talks on a contract extension.

“Lots of teams around the NHL are calling the Toronto Maple Leafs and saying, ‘Hey, would you like one of our defensemen? We can make you a real sweet deal.’
I expect the Leafs are making some calls of their own on that front.
The short-term strategy is just to get through their next three games — Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are all home games, and then they get their All-Star break. Jake Muzzin could be back in the Toronto Maple Leafs lineup coming out of that break in the Nashville game on Monday, January 27.
The idea of trading for a defenseman is not entirely out of the question, but here is where it gets complicated: The short-term need for the Leafs is left side, where Jake Muzzin and Morgan Rielly are out. But beyond the season, it is more on the right side. The question the leafs have to ask themselves: & …

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

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