The 2020/21 Schedules could lead to opportunities sooner for Leafs prospects

Now that the NHL is close to finalizing it’s return to play and the new Collective Bargaining Agreement some timelines are beginning to become a bit more apparent. We know the intention is that we see hockey start being played in August and that it will run to mid-October. We know the intention is that November 1st is the start of free agency, and as a result of that we’re probably looking at early January as the start of training camps. We also know a few things more prospect centric.

August 10th will be the second draft lottery
Mid October is the target for the draft itself

What we don’t know is a lot. All of the prospect laden leagues completely shutdown. There is no return to play to finish up their years, it will be a fresh start, and presumably that fresh start could come as soon as September/October, although if the NHL isn’t playing hockey in Hub cities until August, it seems like a stretch to believe buses of teenagers will be driving from town to town to play in empty arenas.
If the junior hockey season were continuing …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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