The Best/Most Chaotic NHL Draft and Playoff Format

Since the abrupt pause of the NHL season, the two hockey related topics that have been widely discussed amongst fans and analysts: “How will this affect the playoffs?” and “How will this affect the draft?”. In all likelihood, when the league reopens, teams are going to be playing in empty arenas in a limited number of NHL cities. We are still months away from even being able to do that; leaving most to believe the league will either greatly shorten or completely scrap the rest of the regular season in favour of some kind of expanded playoffs. In light of this, a lot of very smart people have come up with plausible ideas for new playoff and draft formats. I’m not one of those very smart people and I haven’t had a plausible idea about anything in years but I do have some ridiculous ideas so let’s get weird! 
My main issue with all the current playoff proposals is that, no matter what, some teams are going to get screwed. But what if they didn’t have to? What if everybody gets exactly what they want? How do …

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Author: Totally Offside / The Leafs Nation

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