The Best of the Leafs player availabilities

It’s got to be a tough day for the Leafs, but one they’ve in some ways brought on themselves. And while there is a need for tough questions and big asks of them, having the day filled with the same nonsense questions about Mitch Marner getting carjacked is not something I expected. Thankfully the Leafs chose not to make him available today, as answering questions about that while also dealing with the playoff shortcomings of the team would be a little much.
Anyways, as usual hockey players didn’t say a whole lot, but here’s the best of what they gave us.

Spezza says he wants to come back if he can contribute to the group. “This is the only place where I want to play.”
— David Alter (@dalter) May 17, 2022

Spezza on his off-season recovery: “I don’t know know right now. I’m a little lost with what happened (in the playoffs)”.
— David Alter (@dalter) May 17, 2022

It might not be the most impactful thing for the 2022-23 Leafs, but it’s a question many of us had. What’s next for Jason Spezza. We at least now know that he is certainly a Leaf or nothing next year, and honestly who can blame him for wanting to take some time to make up his mind. With only five points to go until 1000, I sure hope he comes back and gets that important milestone, and even more so hope that he can be a part-time player for the Leafs next year, allowing him to end his career with a proper playoff send-off.

Giordano on his future says he has to talk to his agent but also adds: “I don’t think it’s a secret that I enjoyed my time here.”
— David Alter (@dalter) May 17, 2022

Giordano on if he thinks the group as it is currently constructed can get to the next level: “Yes, I do.”
— Davi …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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