The Blue Jays and Chase Anderson: A textbook example of incremental asset growth

The Blue Jays’ acquisition of right-handed starter Chase Anderson from the Milwaukee Brewers Monday is not going to be the difference between the team reaching the 81-win plateau or not next season, and it certainly won’t be the catalyst that ignites and accelerates the rebuild.  In fact, most fans likely won’t even be able to quantifiably recognize the effect Anderson will have on the club in 2020.
If this is the only thing the Blue Jays do this offseason, it’ll be a disappointing haul for sure. Luckily, this probably isn’t the only trade, move, or transaction that’ll materialize in the coming months.
Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins didn’t prove much with the swap. They still haven’t proven that they’re willing to spend on free-agent arms, nor have they proven that they’re committed to putting together a winning team in 2020.
What they have proved, however, is that they know how to trade up from the baseball equivalent of a paper clip, to say, a fountain pen-sized asset, for lack of a better analogy.
Really, if the front office was looking for a trade that would silence their critics, this wasn’t it. But, …

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Author: Hayden Godfrey / Blue Jays Nation

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