The Blue Jays can learn a lesson from the Minnesota Twins and their aggressive off-season

While everybody in the American League waited around this winter, throwing their arms in the air and conceding the Pennant to the Big Three of New York, Boston, and Houston, the Minnesota Twins boldly said “fuck it” and just casually slipped in through the back door.

Minnesota, fresh off a 78-84 season, decided that they were going to capitalize on two-thirds of Major League Baseball going through rebuilds at the exact same time. While everyone else was obsessing over the advent optimizing the control years of cheap talent and avoiding spending money like it was the goddamn plague, the Twins swooped in and took what the market presented them.
They made multiple under-the-radar additions, signing Marwin Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, C.J. Cron, Jonathan Schoop, Martin Perez, and Michael Pineda in free agency. None of those guys are huge names, but all of them fell through the cracks as so many teams decided they wanted to avoid spending money in free agency.
Here we are in the middle of July and the Twins have a 58-35 record and a 96.3 percent chance of making the playoffs. Those aforementioned free agents account for nearly half of their everyday lineup and the back part …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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