The Blue Jays could capitalize from MLB’s shortened draft

The Major League Baseball draft is going to be a lot different this year than it usually is.

On June 10th and 11th, the draft will be held remotely, and it’ll only go for five rounds instead of the usual 40. After that, all of the players not selected in the five rounds will be eligible to sign with any team they choose, but with a max signing bonus of $20,000.
Ultimately, the overarching uncertainty of the COVID-19 landscape pushed MLB to shrink its draft. The biggest reason this happened, of course, is cash, as teams only have to worry about signing bonuses for a handful of players rather than adding a whole new crop of players to their system.
And then there’s also the issue of those systems. We don’t know if or when MLB games will be played this year, let alone minor league games. If there’s nowhere to send your 12th-round draft selection to play, there isn’t going to be an appetite to throw that player a signing bonus. Even if the player was only going to get $30k as their bonus, which seems like a pittance for an …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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