The Blue Jays have a lot of catcher depth they could capitalize on

According to Shi Davidi, the Blue Jays could be exploring other avenues beyond free agency in order to upgrade their starting rotation. Specifically, they could sell high from a position of strength, such as their bevy of young catchers, in order to find more pitching.

I already touched on Davidi’s point in the Daily Duce on Saturday, but, since nothing else is going on right now, it’s probably worth a deeper exploration. Here’s what he said…
First, they’re looking at this week’s acquisition of righty Chase Anderson from the Milwaukee Brewers as a floor for the starting rotation, rather than a ceiling, an injection of stable innings providing a base while more impactful arms – at least one and up to three – are pursued.
Second, anything GM Ross Atkins and company have planned on the position player side is tied, to a degree, to what they do on the pitching end of things, and to how much more runway they want to provide to the players they already have in-house.
For example, if they traded someone like Lourdes Gurriel Jr. for a starting pitcher, they’d then need to suddenly jump into the free-agent market for …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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