The Blue Jays should do everything in their power to acquire Shohei Ohtani

You read the title correctly, the Blue Jays should do everything in their power to acquire Shohei Ohtani.

With Ohtani, you are essentially getting two players. He’ll help you with putting up offensive numbers, but is also a damn good pitcher. However, we’ll start with where this rumour/speculation came from.
Where the rumour began:
According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the Los Angeles Angels have a tough decision with the 27-year-old megastar. It’s noted that the better version of Babe Ruth wants to play for a winner.
Not just that, but it looks like Ohtani will want a record breaking annual average when he hits free agency in 2024. Max Scherzer currently has the highest AAV of $43.3, so Rosenthal speculates Ohtani’s contract could end up being over $45 million a year. 
Mike Trout is making $35,450,000 until the end of the 2030 season while Anthony Rendon is making $38,000,000 million for the next four seasons starting next season. Adding another high AAV contract when the team will likely fail to miss the playoffs could be disastrous for the owner as he’ll be paying $120 million for three players.
In my opinion, the Rendon contract is very questionable, as he’s had a sharp decline since leaving the Washington Nationals in 2019. This isn’t the first bad deal given out by the owner, as they overpaid heavily for Josh Hamilton, Albert Puljuos and Justin Upton, the last two they are still paying.
Rosenthal notes that these contracts may cause hesitancy when it comes time to sign Ohtani. He’s shown problems in the past, as he misse …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

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