The case for Charlie

It’s July 30th and the Blue Jays have finally returned home to face the Kansas City Royals. Before the start of the game the Jays held a pre-game ceremony to let the fans welcome the Jays back. The following day I posted what would become my most interacted tweet (minus Utah’s plane hitting birds, but never mind that).

Yes, he’s made some questionable tactical decisions.
But if you dare insult this man as a person or his passion for the game, you aren’t a real fan.#BlueJays #WeAreBlueJays
— Brennan Delaney (@Brennan_L_D) July 31, 2021

Charlie Montoyo is a stoic manager. Very rarely do you ever see him upset in a game. In fact, he’s only been ejected four times a game you don’t see him really get upset. In fact in his 387 games that he has managed, he’s been ejected only four times.
Yet on July 30th, Montoyo cried. Society has shaped men, telling us that it’s “unmanly” to cry, yet on July 30th, Montoyo cried. They were tears of happiness because he knew Canada’s team was back.
So why keep this man as the manager? He’s …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

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