The case for running it back with the Toronto Maple Leafs’ core

I feel like I have the luxury of fresh eyes on the Leafs situation. I’ve been away all weekend and didn’t witness the highs and lows of Game 5, I’ve been able to sit out the hastily crafted “this group can’t win together” diatribes, and now I get to come in fresh just as the locker room cleanout day sound clips will infuriate everyone listening to the point of wanting to blow up the team and put P.A. Parenteau back on the top line. The Leafs do frustration very well. Maybe we can make them a trophy for that.
Until that happens, I’m here to weigh-in on what will be one of the most insufferable debates of the summer, or at least up until the draft, and that is what the Leafs should do with their core.
For my purposes, I’m including Morgan Rielly in the core. He is in every way except not being a forward and he’s practically that too, so when talking about what the Leafs should or shouldn’t do here it’s about Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander, and Rielly. That’s not to be disrespectful to T.J. Brodie or Ilya Samsonov who clearly play major and important roles on the Leafs as well, but Bro …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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