The coaching change can’t be the only thing on Dubas’ to do list

The Leafs took a big step by letting go of Mike Babcock on Wednesday. As far as moves that could be made that would have the greatest impact on the Leafs players and this season that was it, and frankly it’s foolish to think otherwise.
The coach controls the locker room, the strategy, the systems, and the lineup card, and a case can be made for each of those things being broken with the Leafs.
It is not a 100% guarantee that Sheldon Keefe can fix everything, in fact, it’s probably a guarantee that somethings he’ll do will leave us wanting as well, but there is some hope that the Leafs will get back on track, and at least make a show of competing for a playoff spot.
The Leafs need to get 64.4% of the available points in the remaining 59 games to finish with 98 points, what would have been good enough for the last Eastern Conference Wildcard spot last season, that’s a pace ahead of their best Original Six league results. Of course that’s more manageable when you figure one hot streak and sustained 60% results is a doable, as is the very real possibility of the …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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